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Four Cents

A jury gave the family of Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr., a black man killed by St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputy Christopher Newman just four cents after they found he was 99 percent negligent in his death. Newman shot Hill, accused … Continue reading

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The long dangerous journey now being undertaken by thousands of migrants from Central America and beyond continues towards the U.S. with no let up in sight.  The president has ordered the Nation Guard to the border to support the Border … Continue reading

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America will experience the life and times of Donald Trump as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth within the next week. The events leading up to inauguration day do not give one a feeling that things will … Continue reading

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Once again the events happening in the city of Chicago are capturing the attention of the whole world. This city has become the murder capital of the United States. 700 plus killed in 2016 including thousands of wounded from the unending cycle … Continue reading

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Syrian Sonata Revisited

I have written in past blogs about what is currently happening in Syria. Things continue to spiral out of control of those who are doing the actual fighting. This is making life a total nightmare for the civilian population. The … Continue reading

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A Point in Time

The events that continue to spiral out of the control of various leaders of middle east  countries will at some point come to western societies with results that will change the world as we now know it. I have been … Continue reading

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Sanford And Son: Part 2

In the coming weeks the case of George Zimmerman who admitted that he shot Travon Martin the Florida teenager who was returning from the store on a dark, rainy night. As with all stories where the people involved are of … Continue reading

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