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The thug life in the black communities of America continues because of a lack of education, and just the mindset that poverty makes criminal activity a viable alternative to the lack of access to the better things that money can … Continue reading

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Rich Man_Poor Man

I have at times in my life had thoughts about those who have access to almost anything they want out of life be it social, financial or even the power to control how others perceive their personal lifestyles or for … Continue reading

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The mass migration phenomenon continues to be a part of the daily news cycle in this country as the immigrants from mostly Central American countries continue their journey to the United States where they seek asylum status as people fleeing gang … Continue reading

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Those who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system live in a world where one is first punished by the courts and then isolated from society as they serve long sentences away from family and friends. America loves … Continue reading

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Distasteful Candor

I am writing this blog tonite on the subject of poverty during this stage of my life. Mitt Romney said that the poor have a safety net so they don’t need to worry about their situation. I am not doing … Continue reading

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