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The Chosen One

Is history repeating itself with our elected leader who now sounds like Adolf Hitler when he began his rise to power. Hitler wanted to be known as the leader of Germany and what ever he wanted to happen would just … Continue reading

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The war on immigrants who now reside illegally in Donald Trump’s America has started to evolve into a system to frighten and intimidate those he wants to deport back to their home countries. The president has ordered that those who … Continue reading

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Fourth Of July

Today is when we celebrate the date when our country declared itself an independent nation who no longer had ties to the British Empire. There will be picnics, fireworks and maybe some time to contemplate what it means to be … Continue reading

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Syrian Sonata VI

There is a new wave of refugees fleeing the already bombed out country of Syria. I first wrote about the conflict in 2013 when president Obama was considering sending American troops there. Then came the ISIS situation in both Syria … Continue reading

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Ice Age

The Trump administration continues with its stated goal of arresting and deporting all of those in this country illegally. The so-called “Bad Hombres” that are supposed to be on the short list for deportation those with criminal backgrounds are joined … Continue reading

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Anchor Babies

The Trump administration has a new way to go after not only those who are in the country illegally but now children born in this country are not entitled to automatic citizenship. This law may not affect those who already … Continue reading

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The census of 2020 will for the first time add a question that has not been asked since 1950. Are you a citizen of the United States? With the increase in immigration raids by ICE under the Trump administration this … Continue reading

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