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The Notre-Dame cathedral which caught fire yesterday and burned for at least eight hours before first responders were able to putout the flames. This fire destroyed more than just relics from the past as this building which construction took over … Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny

The manifest destiny of America was supposed to be the domination and exploitation of those peoples who just happened to be here first. The Indian tribes who decided to try to get along with the pilgrims from across the big … Continue reading

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There has always existed a thing we call culture. It is what defines a particular group of people as being unique from all others. It is something to be proud of to the point that it is passed on from one … Continue reading

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A World of Walls

The world continues to change at a pace that was last seen at the end of the second world war. The mass migration of people’s from around the world continues to this day. Countries in Europe who once enjoyed the … Continue reading

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The Thin Red Line

On the stage of world events what is going on verbally between the leaders of two nuclear armed nations. In the world of politics you don’t threaten in public you do it in private. President Trump has opened a potential … Continue reading

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