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Fourth Of July

Today is when we celebrate the date when our country declared itself an independent nation who no longer had ties to the British Empire. There will be picnics, fireworks and maybe some time to contemplate what it means to be … Continue reading

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. It also marks for the Palestinian people living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip the continuation of the event they refer to it as “the catastrophe” because … Continue reading

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La Frontera

The border with Mexico will once again come to the attention of the American people due to tweets from the president about the demise of DACA and potentially NAFTA. There is the already disaster of Haitian migrants trying to get … Continue reading

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Putin’s Barbarossa

There is talk among those in the know that just maybe the Russian troop buildup near the eastern Ukraine border are just regular military training exercises being used as a smoke screen for possible invasion of their neighbor. Hitler annexed part of … Continue reading

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