It appears that things are heating up in the area of the world where most of the oil that lubricates our society starts its journey to our individual gas tanks. Iran would not be able to fight us militarily and hope to win…but they could disrupt our petroleum supply and cause many workers to lose their jobs and that would be just the beginning. Those of us who remember the long gas lines of the seventies and short tempers for the driving public in general. This time the population has increased and our roads and highways are in need of upgrades that are slow in coming due to budget concerns among our elected leaders.

The two oil tankers that were attacked in the Gulf of Oman should be a wake-up call for the west that we cannot afford to repeat the oil embargo’s of the seventies with the current level of drivers we have on our highways today. There is one thing we all need to consider moving forward. The 2020 election cycle for president is already in the public’s mind. If we get involved in a military conflict the president will remain in office because as American’s we stand behind the man in the Oval Office in a time of war.

Donald Trump may be just what we need on the world stage because no one can figure out what his end game really is. Maybe that is a good thing on the world stage. The media is constantly reporting on the number of false statements made by the president. We should worry when the president starts telling the truth to the American people about his vision for America moving forward. Is Iran the starting point.? That is the unanswered question in this unstable world looking for leadership that will at least try to calm our collective fears.

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The Red Ball Express

Americans of all colors served without question.


During WWII there was a group of Black American soldiers who drove supply trucks for the military that gave American troops under men like George S. Patton the ability to chase the German troops across France into Germany and total defeat of the Nazi regime under Adolph Hitler. During WWII Blacks were restricted to mostly non-combat roles In the Navy they were mess stewards (cooks) and truck drivers in the Army. The racial attitude of that time in the military was summed up in a statement by the white commander of the 367th Infantry Division he stated. ” As fighting troops, the Negro must be rated as second class material; this is due to primarily to his inferior intelligence and lack of mental and moral qualities.”

141 truck companies and 3000 men were formed into the “Red Ball Express” 75% of the drivers were black. I never saw any black…

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Sixty Thousand And Counting

Today’s edition of the LA Times top story was about the growing number of people now living anywhere the can find a spot in parks, the beaches, under freeway underpasses, on the sidewalks of the City Of Angels. The homeless throw their garbage in alleys and on the curbs which attracts rats and other health related problems for those who have businesses in the downtown area they are now losing money because of people living on the sidewalks outside of their collective doors.

Los Angeles County has spent over 600 million dollars in the last fiscal year yet the homeless population has increased by 12% in the same period of time. For that period of time the city did find housing for 20,000 people. Poverty has always existed throughout human history because wealth makes no sense without the poor to exploit to maintain that wealth. Those who no longer can afford a decent place to live in this state of immense wealth is a sign that our society is beginning to lose what it means to care about the poor and displaced in a world that is as usual unstable to say the least.

The homeless are now everywhere in California from the Desert to the Sea. That is something we all cannot afford to ignore any longer what can be done about it is the question that has no answer. With hundreds of thousands of migrants headed towards our southern border seeking asylum from poverty and war the problem will only get worse. This is just before a major election cycle in the United States. Good luck with that whomever wins.

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Thirty Nine Thousand

According to an article in today’s Chicago Tribune newspaper that stated at least 39,000 people have been murdered in the last sixty years in the windy city… This is not taking into consideration the the violent past which started during Prohibition. Those who have become casualties of this war on ourselves have mostly people of color or black people. Those who live in the so-called inner cities are for the part on some kind of government assistance which programs one for failure. Once you gut used to being poor your life will give you that lifestyle as long as you live.

How can people kill their own kind in a major city in America and no one from politicians to those who live through a real life urban war zone is a question no one is willing to find an answer to. The total number is more than our military has suffered in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

The sad fact is nothing will change because we as a society wish to continue with the status quo. Business as usual is the American way. Win. Lose. Draw.

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Memorial Day 2019

Tomorrow we as a nation remember those who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives in the various branches of the military in service to their country. As we honor the dead we also need to remember the living veterans who served proudly in all parts of this world in a world that is becoming unstable to say the least. Our military is second to none on the world stage as far as experienced from my time in the service to still be connected through the Internet and social media platforms that we all connected to on a daily basis.

Memorial Day has become a platform to sell a car, a mattress set or even a chicken dinner. That is how our capitalist society works. There is no religious significance to the day. But we should all think about how we think about this particular holiday. Is it the start of the summer season of fun and relaxation away from the daily grind of life we all have to endure to survive. Or do we really take time to remember the fallen and their personal sacrifices for the American dream.

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The Mark Of The Beast

The right of a woman to control her reproductive rights is part of this new world order.


There was an article in the L.A. Times newspaper dated May 11, 2017, India’s not-so-foolproof ID plan. The plan is according to the article is to build the most ambitious biometric plan ever conceived. The identity program is called Aadhaar or “foundation,” which will record the fingerprints and irises of 1.1 Billion residents of the country. The article further states that 9 out of 10 people have already been registered in the system they are assigned a unique 12 digit number that serves as a digital identity that can be verified by a scan of the finger or Iris of an individual. The government has made it a requirement to pay taxes or to apply for state benefits such as pensions. People who are poor are hit the hardest because in order to get their monthly ration of subsidized food they must have this number in the database. The bottom line is you cannot buy or…

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Writers Block

It is difficult for me to write anything about my feelings at this point in my life because everything I believed and learned from childhood to now has changed overnight. I am in a mental place where anger and sadness are constant companions that are with me 24/7 that is my reality. for those who are following my blog I thank you but I have to come to the reality that I am wasting my time writing about my observations of the human condition. WordPress puts ads on my blog that says I can monetize it after seven years not one Penney have I made from my writings.

Now at the age of 65 I have to go back to work to survive and have at least the ability to not have to worry about how I can pay my bills. Life at times can be a bitch as the saying goes. For me life at this point is a bitch 2.0

I am now asking anyone with the technical knowledge about websites and adds on them to contact me at: I would like to continue my blog and make it better…Also get paid for my time and effort. I know put he power of the Internet to work for the betterment of Observations the blog.

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