Electronic Avenue

In the digital world, we all depend on a daily basis on all kinds of devices that are controlled not so much by ourselves but mini-computers that can anticipate what we want to say and think before we can. I have always thought about what we now call artificial intelligence as something that man has control over to make his personal world respond to his demands at the touch of his fingers on a pressure sensitive surface. but the reality is that no matter how smart we think we are our devices especially the high-tech ones will act up and make our brains come up with a plan to be able to override the malfunction and accomplish the intended goal.

The artificial intelligence we as species have created will always look for a way to make us admit to what we call human failure as a way, not feel so guilty about potentially losing control of that which we have created to serve mankind will at some point try to destroy its creator. We all live in a time of trying to figure how to prepare for an uncertain future that will surely be different from what we experience today. That has always been the challenge of societies all over the world.

The needs of the common man are being put to the sideline in the name of corporate profits. That is the way it has been in the not so distant past, and for most of the working class, all that one can look forward to in the foreseeable future is the only thing changing is the date on the calendar and the fact that none of us have any time to waste on this journey we all call life. That is something we all need to think about on a daily basis.

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The American dream of most people who come to this country both legally and illegally is to just work, and have a better life for themselves, and to send monies back to their home countries which for the most part are located in Central  America. American businesses have always looked for cheap unskilled labor to make their profit margin rise. The labor laws of our country have a minimum wage that is set by the government. The wages for these jobs are far better than what could be earned back in the so-called third world countries south of the Mexican border.

The president has given the ICE the green light to arrest, and if possible deport anyone who is living in this country illegally who comes in contact with law enforcement for something as simple as a running a stop sign. The immigration dragnet will catch people from all over the world. The Muslim ban was just in my opinion test case for the Trump administration to block all who covet access to the United States, and the opportunities for a better life.

America cannot save the world from itself that is not our job. We who are fortunate to be able to say we are citizens of the most powerful country  on earth should count our blessings, and at some point really consider what we as individuals can do no matter how small to change the status quo of a world that is looking for a solution to how to survive life as we know it. Doing the right thing is a good starting point. The jobs that are being taken for the most part no citizen of this country would work for at the wages paid that is a fact to be considered. Lest we forget.

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14th Amendment

The issue of millions of undocumented aliens who currently reside in the United States continues to be a major concern of the current administration. The building of a wall which will only keep out mostly people of color speaks volumes about how the president feels about mostly non-English speaking people who as they say are willing to do the hard dirty low wage jobs that most Americans will not do for the wages paid.

There has been some concern over the years about so-called anchor babies who are given citizenship automatically because they were born in this country to mostly foreign-born parents. It is a fact that wealthy people from all over the world send pregnant family members to America so the child will always be a legal citizen of this country, can then sponsor other family members in the future.

The 14th amendment was originally passed by Congress in 1866 to give former slaves citizenship and all of the future generations of those slaves the same right.  It was ratified in 1868. To be a citizen of this country or just to work here is a prize that people will risk their lives to just cross our southern border. We who are descendants of those who worked from sun up to sundown for literally nothing should know about this little-known fact in our constitution and those who are born here should be aware of the gift that keeps on giving and how it was earned.

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25th Amendment

It appears that president Trump was not aware of an amendment to the constitution that could derail the Trump train. Basically, it states if the vice president, and a majority of the Congress, and Senate vote that the sitting president is unable to perform his duties in a rational manner he can be removed from the oval office, and the power is handed over to the vice president. The president has had a lot on his plate since he assumed the mantle of power.

Washington politics are always going to contain drama no matter what the subject it could be immigration, the border, or the economy, or matters of life, and death in Puerto Rico. There is no end to the problems of running this country. The president is new on the job but like Julius Ceasar, there is always a Brutus possibly hoping to someday be the king of the world. In a nation of laws success, and failure is on the same double-edged sword.

We as Americans deserve to have the peace of mind in a turbulent world that someone will answer the phone a 2 am who will do the right thing as the commander in chief.

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Knowledge Without Compassion

There is something we as members of modern society seem to all have a problem showing any kind of understanding of people who are  culturally different from ourselves. Mankind has been in the dark about those who inhabit other parts of the world for hundreds of years. We no longer have that problem but with the power of the internet and social media people can,and do say hurtful things about others that sometimes amounts to bullying electronically,and there is the old reliable standby television. Some people spend hours of their daily lives watching other people air their personal dirty laundry to the whole world.

It would be hard for anyone who was not making money off of all these stories of human failure to have any real feelings about what they are watching. We now have all of mankind’s knowledge at the touch of a glass screen or keyboard. The world is now on a twenty-four schedule which means there is very little time to really think about what the word compassion really means. I truly believe a little compassion will go a long way for those who really think about how to improve their relationships with others,and help build their sense of self respect. It’s something to contemplate. When you have the time.

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Locked And Loaded

There is no doubt in my mind that what is going on between Kin Jung In, and Donald Trump is now slowly getting attention of the American people here, and especially Guam. The president tweeted that our military forces are lock and loaded in case of any perceived movement by the North Korean military to attack US territories in that part of the world. It is known for the last seventy years that to use nuclear weapons would lead to worldwide suffering on a scale not seen since Hiroshima, and Nagasaki were flattened in a matter of seconds. The death toll over 140,000 people and hundreds of thousands injured.

This action by the US ended the second world war. Any action using nuclear weapons will be the beginning of a third world war. When one country attacks another the flood gates of weaponry that are in other countries nuclear arsenals might be used against their neighbors. There is a slippery slope that we are fast approaching because every word that is uttered between the Donald, and Kim ramp up the chance for a mistake to be made. Old men start wars and the young fight them. This is the way it has always been throughout human history. I worry that once again modern society has not learned has not learned the lessons of those who came before us, and we are destined to repeat those mistakes.

That is who we are at this point in time.

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The Thin Red Line

On the stage of world events what is going on verbally between the leaders of two nuclear armed nations. In the world of politics you don’t threaten in public you do it in private. President Trump has opened a potential Pandora’s Jar of problems for the world community. There is in Asian culture a term called “losing face” which means you have been shown to be the loser in an important interaction with another person. Kim does not want to be in that position because it will be the beginning of the end of his total control over North Korea.

The president however has not though out what words he chooses to use on the world stage. Once you are sitting in the oval office you have to come up to speed with your knowledge of not only world events but more importantly world leaders. knowledge is power. Specialized knowledge is for certain people to know. This I believe is how world leaders have always used this tool to stay in power. America has to once again learn the cultural values of those who we want to befriend or those who we  know at some point we will have to fight.

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