Deportation Nation

MAGA continues unabated in 2019.


The promises made by president Trump are being carried out by ICE agents all across the United States continue the tear apart the families of those left behind. There is little that can be done for those individuals sitting in deportation centers waiting for that final flight back to their home countries. We who are lucky enough to be born here cannot begin to understand the fear and dread of even opening the front door or being pulled over for a traffic violation.

There appears to be little that we as citizens are willing to do to stop this sad state of affairs. The president has only been in office less than 100 days but has been signing executive orders on a daily basis. Of all the things he promised to get done such as more jobs for those who want to work, or building that wall on the border. All are on…

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Trump now wants to go after any green card holder who has applied for government assistance in the past no matter what the reason.


The war on immigrants who now reside illegally in Donald Trump’s America has started to evolve into a system to frighten and intimidate those he wants to deport back to their home countries. The president has ordered that those who are currently serving in the U.S. Army under a program to eventually gain citizenship status while in service to our country be discharged from active duty status as soon as possible. The president stated that we are not sure of their loyalty due to family ties in the countries they immigrated from. The Army has started the process of discharging those who fall under the guidelines now in place for that purpose.

The other action now being implemented is the revocation of citizenship of those individuals who got into trouble with the law before they became sworn citizens or who were able to use other means to gain that status…

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The Times Of Our lives

Our thoughts determine our destiny.


Each person is given a finite period of time to experience life as we know it. There is no guarantee how long that time will be. Every day we all learn new things. That is the main reason we were born into this world. The human brain has the power to change one’s life in both a positive and negative ways due to our thoughts. Most of us believe that if you have enough money most of your problems will go away. That is not how life works in the real world. The truth should be that knowledge is power. The reality of life is when lack of money is the problem that is what you focus on. People in this country and all over the world love soap operas. I never really was interested in them but I did notice one thing they all portrayed was a lifestyle of…

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The Conscious And Subconscious Minds

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A Child Of God

In the early part of my life I was exposed to the Southern style Christian teachings where I was taught that we are all created equal in the eyes of God when it comes to our ability to commit sin…But when it came to the subject of racial disparities between black people and their white overseers the laws of man took control. I vividly remember when we had to travel 40 miles south of Jacksonville, Florida to go to the “colored beaches” reserved for the Negro population of that part of the state. My elders had no choice but to accept their reality…But once I left the South and came to California I knew there was a higher power, and that power was within me. If I am a child of God then I am a God too.

We as a people who all throughout human history and different cultures have always believed in a higher power or a God that we must believe in and obey without question. All of the religious laws we now choose to ignore or follow have always been written by men with their own personal agendas. We become what we think about most of the time whether it be good bad or ugly.

As a child of God I believe that each one of us is born with unique abilities to either help or hinder our fellow travelers on this constantly changing journey we call life. The times we now experience exists for all of God’s children to use their God given powers for the betterment of mankind.

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Does anybody really care?


The president now says that those who want to come to the United States for a chance at a better life are now considered to be an infestation to our society and must be contained. The term he used to identify people seeking asylum is the same that people would use to identify roaches, rats or even bedbugs things that we find disgusting to have to come in contact with in our daily lives are now being applied to human beings. This is the same playbook that that Nazis used against the Jews when they referred to them as being sub-human and not worth anything but to be used as slaves in forced labor camps until they were exhausted physically and mentally to the point that they would be exterminated in the death camps set up for that sole purpose.

There appears to be a breakdown in the basic human…

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