911 Revisited

I was on youtube today when I came across a video about the events of 9-11-2001. The world as we now know it began on that horrific day 17 years ago. I personally did not want to remember the sights and sounds on the television. What caught my interest was a stewardess stating that the calls made from cellphones on the plane were fake because in 2001 the technology did not exist to make calls from above 10,000 feet. She explained that when the passengers made the calls the plane was at a cruising attitude of at least 30,000 feet. I also learned that the signal from cellphone towers go out horizontal not vertical. The people who received the calls also stated that there was no background noise during the calls which is unusual if you are on a plane with the jet engines working. The government had the technology to remotely take over an airplane in flight. They can then place the drone on the original flight path without the ground controllers knowledge. We now use drones to attack the enemy positions.

We all know the skin of an aircraft is made out of lightweight Aluminum yet the planes that hit the twin towers disappeared inside of the buildings which had steel skeletons surrounding them and in the center. The estimated speed of the planes at collision was over 500 miles per hour. The jet engines were designed to fly where the air is lighter.  It was stated by veteran pilots that the engines would not work properly at that speed and the hijackers did not have the experience to hit the center of the towers. Some witnesses stated that they heard a series of explosions like one would hear from a demolition of a building as the towers came down. If the hijackers only had box cutters why did the pilots let them in the cockpit.?

There is a theory that the United States government set up 911 so that we could go to war in the middle east to get revenge for what happened. The first target was Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Osama Bin Laden hiding in Afghanistan. Mission accomplished at the cost of the lives of millions of innocent people that continues to this day. Billions of dollars have been wasted along with thousands of American servicemen and women killed or injured. The truth behind what really happened will be revealed to future generations and it will not be an easy lesson to digest.

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The New World

When George H.W. Bush as president back in the 80’s he spoke of a world of laws instead of the law of the jungle which has always been the norm for the survival of each individual in society. The new world he spoke of called, for one thing, most of all. Order. This was the beginning of the computer age for the general public. Society has become addicted to the cell phone to the point that one cannot even remember a time when they did not exist. Some state governments now give away free phones to anyone who would not even be aware of  GPS technology related to those phones.  Big brother never stops watching.While those in the developed countries reap the benefits of technology the rest of the world continues on a downward spiral that cannot be ignored.

The war in Syria started the migrations of millions of displaced people from different countries in the middle east to the continent of Africa. The surge of humanity leaving those places are now risking their lives for the chance to make it to Europe for a better life that they left behind. In the major cities of the U.S. homelessness is on the rise due to income inequality and steadily rising housing costs. The times we now live in have been waiting for us. It is up to this generation to come up with a solution to the problems that plague the modern world. Societies of the past aways promised one thing to its citizens: order and then prosperity. The wealth is there but where is the will of the people. That is a question still waiting to be addressed by modern society. A new world of order awaits us all whether we like it or not.

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Collateral Damage

There are two events that have occurred during the past one hundred years that are similar in how they will affect the lives of millions. There are the two countries involved: Germany and America. Hitler said he wanted all Jews gone from the Reich and he didn’t care where they went. The president’s goal is to all of the people who are not legal citizens deported period. Hitler had the Gestapo, and now we have ICE. The only thing that changes in life is the date on the calendar. The disruption of the family due to world events continues. Europe is seeing increasing numbers of migrants from the middle east and Africa who are overwhelming the social services and the culture of Europe. The surge of humanity continues on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

America’s problem concerns the fact that there are millions of people living here as our neighbors and sometimes co-workers. They own homes and businesses. The president has empowered ICE to arrest and deport anyone who comes under their radar for something as simple as a traffic ticket. California is a sanctuary state for the undocumented and will surely pay a price for its stand on this subject. Agriculture is a multi-billion industry in the golden state. I believe the cost of food that is not harvested by immigrants will bring an honest view of reality about the cost of living that will mostly affect those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Access to food will be a powerful weapon in the future and those in power has known this forever.



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Food For Thought

The immigration debate has many parts to it and the promised deportation of millions of people who are not and are not legally able to attain at least permanent resident status in the united states. This is a campaign promise that the president made to his base supporters. The wall that is to be built along the Mexican border that was to be paid for by Mexico will be funded by American taxpayers was a fantasy belief of this administration. A large percentage of those to be deported work in the agriculture and service industries that we all take for granted the low prices that this cheap labor provides. This is an attitude will at some point in the future come back to haunt the average citizen.

To control people the best way beyond having a police state is to control the access to food. This tactic is in use in some of the poorest countries like Haiti and even an oil-rich country like Venezuela where the shelves of the government-run stores are devoid of any items from soap to toothpaste. We as a country will suffer from higher prices and a scarcity of anything that has to be processed by hand. The process of food production will surely clash with the reality of immigration enforcement. Will we cut off our collective noses to spite our faces.? How this problem is resolved will determine the futures of millions of people and will show the world the true face of this land of immigrants.

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A Lost Of Innocence

The idea that we need to have armed security in any school is just another sign that we as a society continue on a downward spiral towards a police state where our children have to live under the threat of having their life cycles terminated with extreme prejudice. America continues to be plagued by its promise of freedom and opportunity to those who are lucky enough to be a part of this country and are willing to do what all immigrants who came before did. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. That mindset has made this country a magnet for immigrants from countries across the globe. This has always been the lifeblood of our society.

We are now getting used to two things that will contribute to the downfall of life as we now know it. It is now dangerous to go to school from kindergarten to college as history has proven without the possibility no matter how slight that you might not come home at the end of the day. The people who live and work here doing jobs that Americans refuse to do are now being rounded up and deported to their home countries across the globe. America has the opportunity to continue to be the beacon of light to those who want something better out of life. We have everything to gain from those who seek the American dream. Our country has always depended on the diversity of those that want to call America home. That is a fact that should not be overlooked.



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The Future

When we are young life is lived on very simple terms meaning that you want what you want when you want it. When a child has a temper tantrum they are thinking along those lines. Sometimes the tactic works most of the time it doesn’t with negative consequences. As we get older and learn from our parents and peers that there is a big world and you have to be prepared by going to school and becoming the educated members of society who for the most part are the wealth builders. Those who find themselves unable to continue higher education become lower-income workers who work hard and get nowhere.

My generation the so-called baby boomers are reaching the age of sixty-five at the rate of 30,000 people per day. This will go on for approx the next thirty years. Who will take of this generation? In-home health care can only be afforded by those with money saved or invested for their future. For those who don’t which will be most of us who work paycheck to paycheck, it’s not even an option. In the age of the internet and social media, we can all reach out to others like no other time in human history.

If one can find a niche there are plenty of opportunities for those will to not only look but also act. The recreational use of Marijuana will at some point in the future be legal in all fifty states. There are other uses for this plant such as medicine, rope, and clothing. The business side of this plant can produce an income for the future. Your financial future can start right here: ox64.hempmogul.com The future awaits us all.

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There Is A Man

My life’s journey began in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This was during the Jim Crow era in the south. I lived in an all-black society until I moved to California. My memories of that time are that I never saw any black men who did not work and support their families even under the rampant racial practices of those times. We now fast forward to modern times I see young black men who should be the future of our people being sent to prison for crimes against society. Some leave behind kids who will grow up without that male role model who took care of family before themselves.

This message is going out to those young black men of today who can accept the title of ” my baby daddy.” Those choosing to ignore their offspring and leave it up to the taxpayers to pay their way too.  When the black man was treated the worst by our society he always kept some inner dignity no matter how low he had to stoop to survive and provide for the family. The task is much easier now but we have to remember that as men we all need to do the right thing.


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