In the year 1980, the leader of Cuba Fidel Castro took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to rid his country of dissidents, criminals, the mentally ill and anybody who wanted to leave was given a chance to go to America a mere 90 miles away. The United States government under George H. Bush was on board to accept these refugees.

In a six week period between April and October of 1980 more than 125.000 Cubans were relocated to first Florida and then across the United States all of this was done in a six-week period. There was no outcry from the citizens of this country that we are being overrun by criminals and drug dealers and let’s not forget the rapist’s that are always present to do harm to anyone within their reach once they cross our southern border.

Those people from countries that our current president wants to keep out of our sacred land because of their lack of education and let’s not forget their skin color which is a major concern for those who want to enter a country which was built by the sweat of immigrants from around the world. Europe, Asia, Africa all of these continents provided the people and ideas that are the backbone to what we call the American dream.

The point I am trying to make is how did we accept 125.000 Cubans then and now we have a problem with a few thousand now. America is now an aging society with the baby-boomers reaching 65 at the rate 10,000 per day for the next 20 years at least. Who will take on the work of a nation of old people in the future? That is a question we all will need an answer to in the coming years and decades. Robotics will not replace the human touch. Period.

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The Un-Cash Society

Our modern society is rapidly moving towards a world where paper money is being used less and less by the masses as a way to buy the things and services we use on a daily basis. There are now certain business’s that refuse to accept paper money because they like the convenience and safety of using credit and debit cards. This system is loved by the government because it follows every penny spent by an individual. It also eliminates the “under the table” transactions that cannot be taxed.

Those who for one reason or another who do not have access to a bank account are the ones who will find themselves relegated to the world of the past. It is believed that at least 34% of black Americans and some seniors fall into this category. Those who are left behind because of dependence on paper money will find themselves even more isolated from society as a whole. The rest of us will slowly and surely be weaned from using paper currency. The new world order continues unabated. The mark of the beast awaits us all.

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Paper Tiger

The immigrant song is about the future of humanity as it has always been. Lest we forget.


The migrant caravan from countries south of Mexico have finally with some media fanfare made to the border at Tijuana. Will there be a mad rush by hundreds of desperate people looking for a chance no matter how slim but a chance at something better than what was left behind. Troops from the National Guard were sent to the border to monitor but not take an active role such as arresting or even having any contact with people crossing our border with Mexico. The migrants will go through the border and ask for asylum. The Border Patrol and Customs cannot refuse that legal request because that is the law, and we are a country of laws.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars and risking ones life walking through burning deserts… just show up at a legal border crossing and do it legally. The backlog of cases relating to immigration matters…

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400 Years

The month of February 2019 not only recognizes black history in America but it also is the month when some twenty odd African slaves arrived in the colonial city of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. This was the beginning of centuries of abuse and exclusion of people of color in the new world that the colonist envisioned where all whites were to be treated with a high level of respect by those who served them from birth to death.

America grudgingly accepted giving a national holiday to Martin Luther King after much discussion. The civil rights act of 1964 and the opportunities for black Americans to at least find meaningful work in the government because even to this day employment in the private sector is still restricted to a few blacks usually those with degrees in higher education.

Today’s date and its relation to slavery will be downplayed by the media and even in the black community as a whole, but it should be a reminder of how long we have suffered as a people of color in America and as we watch the events in Virginia about the governor and a picture related to racism in his past. This is another chapter of American racial history that seems not to change no matter how much time passes. That is the sad part of our society.

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The Un-Visible II

My previous blog of this title was about those who for reasons that don’t really matter to anyone but themselves now live on the streets of a society in decline. All of the riches that mankind has accumulated over thousands of years are still here somewhere. Gold and Diamonds don’t lose value over time. The problem now is the value we as a society now put on human life. There are at least twenty-seven people who have as much wealth as half of the poor of the world. The so-called one percenters.

The western world that continues to possess the wealth of centuries of plunder now finds itself in a dilemma that requires them to release some of those ill-gotten gains back to those who were colonized. France and England are good examples of colonial powers who now have to accept large numbers of people from colonies the once controlled. The chickens coming home to roost problem that I now understand.

America has a problem that despite its great wealth and opportunities that continue to attract people from all over the world no matter what it takes for them to get here, and at the same time we ignore fellow human beings living on the streets of our major cities in worst than third-world conditions right under our collective noses as if we don’t smell the funk. You drive by with your eyes forward and the windows up. If we as a so-called civilized society don’t wake up and smell the coffee. We will become the largest failure in the history of mankind. That is something we all need to think about before it is really too late.


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Manifest Destiny

The manifest destiny of America was supposed to be the domination and exploitation of those peoples who just happened to be here first. The Indian tribes who decided to try to get along with the pilgrims from across the big pond that was the Atlantic ocean who were looking for a better life in a strange land among those peoples who were considered heathens or at least savages to be pacified by the word of a Christan God for their eternal salvation. That got our foot in the door to the new world. Those who will survive the turbulent times of the future will be the benefactors of the modern manifest destiny of our culture moving forward.

There is now a new group of people looking for a new destiny of hope for a better future for themselves and most importantly their children. Manifest Destiny meant that whatever happened to one in the pursuit of the opportunities and pleasures of life is there for the taking if one is willing to do what is needed to achieve one’s personal desires.

America is now on a course where diversity is the reality of our society going forward. The old paradigm of black versus white on the race card is just about played out. Our new destiny is to at least try to understand and accept those who for one reason or another we consider “different” that is the challenge we will all face to make our country and the world we live in a better place for ourselves and the future generations that will follow our lead. We as citizens of a global world can and will do better than those who came before us. That is our moral duty as human beings. If not we all suffer the consequences of a society in decline.

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Subconcious Slavery


All members of the family of man no matter where they reside on this third stone from the sun are programmed to live a life based on the predominant thoughts of each person’s Subconscious mind. We all live in a world of the conscious mind where we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch. The so-called five senses of mankind. The mind of man has always depended on the ability to think and learn from our interactions with our peers, and the natural world that constantly reminds us who is the true master of life and death. Our thoughts are what the Subconscious mind responds to whether they are good bad or indecent. What we want to manifest into our lives we only need to begin to think or even desire for this thing or event to become reality.

The average person has thousands of different thoughts on a daily basis…

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