Syrian Sonata

I observed president Obama struggling to answer questions from reporters about possible military strikes on Syria. This is a time for Obama to be the leader of the free world because that is what  America does. Although I like most citizens of this country am tired of war and do not really want to get bogged down in another war in the middle east. The problem is that Israel, Iran and that whole region is very important to America’s security. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand like the rest of the world. World War One was the start of nations banding together for the good of all, and we are linked by our shared humanity. The decision to strike another country is one to not be taken lightly. Once again America has to lead the rest of the world whether some of us like it or not.

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Reality Check

I have what is known as “writer’s block” when it comes to putting into words my thoughts about the world in which we live, love, hate and are not willing to leave no matter how miserable the circumstances that we are born into or are forced to endure because of the “That’s just the way it is” mentality we all accept as the truth no matter how painful it is. The twenty-four-hour news cycle dominates modern life. In the times that existed before the digital age, we now endure. Our brains had time to rest and recuperate in order to function in the world that existed at that time.

The influx of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis continues unabated although what to do with that knowledge seems to be lost by those who have the power to govern our lives and give us the reassurance that things are getting better when in reality life is just as unstable as it always has been in the past. I will from this point in time try to find a balance between the negative and positive events that we are forced to witness on a daily basis. life in modern times will test whatever skills we have developed over time to save our world and what we will leave for those who will follow in our sometimes mistaken footsteps towards justice and respect for others who we consider different from ourselves and our basic human values as a society. The clock of the future of mankind is a countdown clock that will either save or destroy the world as we now know it. It is something to think about because it will affect us all eventually.


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The president now says that those who want to come to the United States for a chance at a better life are now considered to be an infestation to our society and must be contained. The term he used to identify people seeking asylum is the same that people would use to identify roaches, rats or even bedbugs things that we find disgusting to have to come in contact with in our daily lives are now being applied to human beings. This is the same playbook that that Nazis used against the Jews when they referred to them as being sub-human and not worth anything but to be used as slaves in forced labor camps until they were exhausted physically and mentally to the point that they would be exterminated in the death camps set up for that sole purpose.

There appears to be a breakdown in the basic human nature to show compassion for those who are seeking relief from the misery that one human can and will inflict on those who cannot defend themselves. The state of Israel has an official policy where they considered Africans fleeing their homelands because of the suffering they endured at home because of the corruption of those in power they are now considered infiltrators who should be discriminated against and eventually forced to go anywhere but the Holy Land and not live among the chosen people of God who now reside there. The times we now live in were predicted in the Christian Bible to eventually come to pass in the end times of the world as we now know it.

The stage is now set for the appearance of the so-called Antichrist who will at least in the short-term make things right for a world that is spinning out of control. It has been written and it will surely come to pass in our lifetime.


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Ice Age

The Trump administration continues with its stated goal of arresting and deporting all of those in this country illegally. The so-called “Bad Hombres” that are supposed to be on the short list for deportation those with criminal backgrounds are joined by anyone who crossed the border illegally no matter how long ago that the incident occurred in the past. To add more misery to the undocumented the government said that parents will be separated from their children at the border, and the adults will be sent to federal prisons until their individual cases can be processed through the immigration courts who are already burdened with a backlog of cases that will take years to resolve.

The farmers and businesses that depend on the labor of the undocumented workers are now struggling to find replacements for those who stopped working out of fear of arrest and deportation. This will cause a hike in prices of products we use on a daily basis. Agriculture is the one sector where we will feel the pain in our wallets. We will all suffer in the long term by these actions of the president and Jeff Sessions the Attorney General. People on both sides of the debate about illegal immigration have valid points to support their opinions. The battle for civil rights has evolved from American citizens of color seeking justice in the 60’s to those who seek a chance at a better life far from what they once called home. They now face what can only be called a prison nation in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Once again we can do better than this.


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Rich Man_Poor Man

I have at times in my life had thoughts about those who have access to almost anything they want out of life be it social, financial or even the power to control how others perceive their personal lifestyles or for the most part why others would even care. I came to the conclusion that in order for the privileged class to exist there had to be a permanent underclass to serve their every whim no matter how petty it was. Slavery has always provided the underclass who were willing to work long hours to provide the services needed at a minimal output of financial resources of the upper class. That is the history of mankind from the beginning of civilization as we now know it. Wealth cannot exist without a willing underclass to support that privileged lifestyle.

When one looks at nature there is the fact that even with the birds and the bees analogy every creature is hard-wired to fit in the environment that it is born into. Those who accept poverty as a reality of life have few if any options to change that mindset. This acceptance of being a permanent underclass by those we perceive as “different” is what has always made the world go round.  Life will only give you what you think you deserve. To accept poverty as a lifestyle is a process that is cultivated over generations.  Our thoughts become the things that we manifest in our lives good or bad that is the choice we all have to make whether we like it or not.


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The Golden Rule

“Do unto others what you want them to do to you” is the basic meaning of the “Golden Rule” Jesus spoke those words to anyone willing to at least listen to his teachings about basic human behavior. Christ spoke these words in a place now known as the state of Israel. The continuing conflict between the Palestinian people and Jewish settlers with the blessing of the government continue to make the lives of those who are under military occupation as miserable as possible so they will sell the only thing of value that they own. Land. Any property sold will be used for Jewish settlers only. This policy of gentrification happens all over the globe every day. To have it happen in the Holy land is an event of biblical proportions. This with the movement of the American embassy to Jerusalem has the whole Arab world concerned about this new development.

In the case of Israel, the use of military force and the recent authorization given to the military to use live ammunition to stop people who for the most part are throwing rocks at armored vehicles. It seems that those who are doing the most damage to their neighbors are asking for the same treatment in return. The Golden Rule should not be forgotten or ignored.

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Singapore Sling

The leaders of two countries that are still unofficially at war sixty-five years after the fighting ended met in Singapore to work out a way to settle their differences and move away from the nuclear option. Kim Jun Uhn and Donald Trump have taken a page out of history and brought it to modern times. President Nixon’s historic visit to China in the 70’s opened an avenue that has benefited both countries financially, and culturally to this day. The Red Menace of Communism in Asia has been eliminated by diplomacy between two great powers. Although North Korea is poor in natural resources because of the dictatorship of the Kim Dynasty it has nuclear weapons that it uses as a valuable bargaining chip on the world stage. No American president was willing to talk directly to the North Korean leaders until now. What has changed to make this meeting happen?

The meeting with the president although short and without nothing much being accomplished is a small step in the right direction although the symbolism cannot be denied. This is a way for the president to look presidential and to escape his own problems related to the Stormy Daniels story. The problem of Russian interference in the 2016 election has not been resolved. The American people need to be reassured that our elected leader can walk and chew gum at the same time. I am behind the president on this story. On this one, he looks and acts presidential just as he was elected to do. I hope he keeps up the good work at least on the world stage.


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