Life On Earth@2022

The coming events between I would guess the NATO countries and I won’t say the people of Russia are willing to start another world war which will destroy life as we know it for what? I am both angry and scared at the same time these are emotions that I have never experienced even the times I served in the Army in Europe. On the border with the 2nd Cav was an experience that few will ever know.

This event that the world will have to experience will not be about good versus evil it will be about which side will destroy the other in the shortest amount of time and military losses both human and equipment will determine how the beginning of what has to be a fight to the finish for either freedom or domination of man by other men.

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The Russians Are Coming

The proxy war between America and Russia continues at the expense of the lives and property of the citizens of Ukraine. There will be at some point in the future a decision has to be made about the future of mankind. Putin says he might have to use chemical or biological weapons. The nuclear option has come out of Putin’s mouth from the beginning.

I remember as a child a thing called “The Cuban Missle Crisis” where I saw adults who were afraid of the Russians putting nuclear weapons at our doorstep. They backed down then today it is a different matter. The Biden administration will now play a global chess game with the Russian Bear that no one can afford to lose.

That is a serious fact for all the people of this third stone from the Sun to contemplate. When you have the time.

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A Proxy War

The superpowers are for now sitting on the sidelines analyzing what is happening between Ukraine and Russia and how the war will progress over time. The Russian government has asked China for help with weapons, especially the one thing that is requested are drones. Their troops are being devastated by Turkish-made drones sold to Ukraine. The United States Senate has authorized billions of dollars to buy equipment for Ukraine to continue the fight.

We will at some point step up to the plate and finally do what needs to be done as Americans all through our history we didn’t start the fight but we finished it. The world is watching Washinton and the politics that was dividing our democracy along political lines. Those days are over for America and the world because there is once again too much to lose for our society and most importantly the world we call home.

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Siege Warfare

The current events now playing out between Ukraine and Russia appear to be turning into a war by proxy for the superpowers. The pictures coming out of the war zone of dead Russian soldiers are meant to shock and disgust the world and that is what is happening. The use of siege warfare where a city is surrounded by an invading force bombarded unit the citizens finally surrender. Both the Greeks and the Romans us this style of warfare to attain their objectives.

To see this kind of destruction in real-time high definition color makes me wonder how all of this is going to be settled on the world stage. With all the problems society has had to deal with in the last two years, there appears to be no way to stop this slow-moving train wreck that will sooner rather than later involve the whole world. That is our destiny at this point in time. There will now be a new generation of war orphans in Europe at a time when we all need a break from reality. When the sides are chosen on a global scale we will finish the game of life on earth finally.

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Hell On Earth

V.Putin has unleased the possibility of degrading life on earth as we know it. Once again history is repeating itself because there is no mortal being coming forward to save humanity from itself. The situation in Ukraine is dire, to say the least, the videos of citizens of that country running away from their homes to save the lives of themselves and most importantly lives of their children.

In the past, I have watched videos from WW2 which showed the misery that the world had to endure because of man’s inhumanity to man. Most of those movies were in black and white which made it easier to watch. Now we have high definition color video of the carnage which is raging in that part of the world, and the United States is not fulfilling its role as a world leader. Innocent people are suffering as we hesitate to do the right thing.

When we had lend-lease during the second world war we provided equipment to the Russians and the British in the hope that our troops would not have to fight the Germans. How did that policy turn out? We as a nation will at some point in time deal with Russia on a one-to-one basis. That is our ultimate destiny whether we want to believe it or not.

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The waiting game

The Russian bear is causing untold misery for millions of Ukrainian citizens as the west sits on its collective behinds and sends money and equipment because we are tired of fighting wars for other nations. Russia is different. We cannot afford to let them take over even one country east of the Russian border. Putin wants to dominate all of Europe if he can, and once again America will need to block his next chess move on the world stage.

I regret the fact that I’m too old to go and fight over there but I support the Ukrainian people and their struggle. Once again the term “power to the people” the west will be pulled into this coming world war because we as a species love war and the horrors associated with fighting one. Russia will destroy Ukraine if we do nothing but give them sanctions.

What are we waiting for?

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The World Tomorrow

The events now playing out in Ukraine continue to escalate to a point of no return for the world. The Russians are now attacking schools and the homes of citizens on a daily basis. Over one million people have left the country in the past week. For the first time in modern warfare, we can see the destruction of property and human lives in real-time. The pictures of dead Russian soldiers lying next to their destroyed vehicles are seen by Russian people, and they are showing angry protests where thousands have been arrested. This is behavior that has to worry Putin on top of the disaster he has unleashed on the world.

Society has not yet gotten over Covid-19 and the problems associated with that health concern. The rich walk around in clothes that are fashionably torn to look like the poor while at the same time there are thousands of people sleeping on the sidewalks of some American cities. In Ukraine, their cities are slowly being destroyed by the Russian military.

Why is the west just sitting by and watching a democratic country being destroyed in real-time. History will definitely be repeated here. America where are you when the world is watching and waiting for the next shoe to drop.

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The Un-visible

Trump is what America needed to understand the failure of a democratic society when we don’t get involved as concerned citizens.


The plight of the homeless continues to be ignored by those who live in a world where day to day necessities such as a place to eat, bathe, and sleep is not a concern to the way their lifestyle in any way or form. Those people, for the most part, chose to live in those conditions, therefore, it’s not my problem, and I definitely do not want those people in my neighborhood or anywhere near it. It becomes almost a necessity to be able to ignore those who have all of their meager belongings piled high in shopping carts “borrowed” for the local major grocery chains never to be returned to the owner.

The police who used to enforce “vagrancy” laws in the past now ignore the homeless unless they do something to get arrested. Today as I rode my bike in Oxnard, California. I saw people living in the…

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The Walking Dead

Things are much worse because of Covid-19


There is a article in today’s LA Times about the deaths of the homeless on the streets of skid row.They say at least three deaths occur daily with little notice by the general public or our elected officials. When we die we are buried away from the living. The living dead of the mentally ill and those who for a myriad of reasons find themselves living on the streets and back alleys of America with no way out of the misery of their daily lives are on the same level of those who are dead and buried, and at some point in time forgotten from the memory of man.

The homeless become invisible in the minds of those who are productive members of society or most importantly willing and able to work for a living because that is what improves our individual financial situations.Those who for whatever reasons they choose…

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The long dangerous journey now being undertaken by thousands of migrants from Central America and beyond continues towards the U.S. with no let up in sight.  The president has ordered the Nation Guard to the border to support the Border Patrol in their mission to secure the border. This act has only made the migrants more encouraged to continue moving North. They have only to reach the border and ask for asylum because they cannot be refused access to an immigration judge which could take years due to the current backlog of cases on file. America being a country of laws has no choice but to do what The president said about Obama “catch and release.” There are no borders for those who are forced to leave theirs homes to survive. Refugees become citizens of the world. Wherever you lay your hat is home becomes your mindset for survival.


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