Christianity vs History

When Christ walked the Earth the Pyramids of Egypt were already 3000 years old, Alexander the Great had conquered most of the known world more than 300 years before Christianity as a religion was accepted by the masses. Those who follow the teachings of the Bible are limited to a small period of human history and therefore do not consider the behavior of man before the birth of Christ. We as a species have always used our power over others to decide how life will be experienced by the masses under our control. Our religious beliefs have always been the bedrock of society.

The ancient Greek and Roman empires depended on the use of military power and most importantly the use of slaves to support the lavish lifestyles of their individual times in power.  My question is how does the Bible define what one could call the criminal behavior of those civilizations that existed before the birth of Christ. Will those who lived thousands of years before the advent of Christianity feel the wrath of God because of their so-called sinful ways or do they get a break because of the times they lived in.

Our behavior is inherited thru DNA that is the blueprint of who we were and who we will be in the future. Everything that mankind was and will be in the future transcends what religious leaders want us to believe as the gospel truth. The final judgment of man only covers the time after the birth of Christ. Who will judge those who came before is a question that also needs to be answered.


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An unindicted co-conspirator is a new title that the president has been given by the Justice Department who is investigating the legal maneuverings of the Trump campaign management in 2016. Michael Cohen has agreed to be a stool pigeon and literally throw Trump under the bus and claim family and country to be the priorities in his life going forward. The president of the most powerful country on earth will be brought down by his natural desires for money, power, and most importantly available women with the physical attributes he desires. Being of the male persuasion I cannot believe that this beautiful black woman on his staff was not a potential target for his bedroom. To think otherwise about this situation is to give the man a break. Not.

This woman has the power of her femininity to back up her story about her time in the Trump inner circle. She is well-educated and from what I can see well spoken about how she views herself. As a child, her family was on government assistance which included using food stamps and the embarrassment of pulling out those books to pay for food in front of people who had either cash or credit cards for their purchases. Omarosa will change the direction of the Trump presidency in ways we cannot imagine at this point in time. Vice president Pence appears to be the Gerald Ford beneficiary the of Nixon administration’s collapse but where Trump is Nixon Pence is Ford. Is that an outcome that be repeated here? Nixon was brought down by tape recordings. Trump will be demolished by modern digital technology and a woman of color he trusted. There is nothing new here.


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Michael Cohen the president’s go-to man back in his imagined glory days has decided to make a deal with prosecutors in order to minimize how much time he will spend in prison. Cohen pleaded guilty to eight charges related to payments to women involved with the president in the past. He is the first domino related to the game of Trump, at the same time Paul Manafort has pleaded guilty to eight felonies. Bank fraud, tax evasion and payments to women whom the president wanted to keep silent about his extramarital affairs. This is not a good day for the leader of the free world. The involvement with the Russians by his son and confidants looks like that will be the next falling domino.

The Stormy Daniels story started this news cycle that might eventually see the president leaving office because of integrity issues related to his marriage, greed, and let’s not forget his ongoing verbal rants about the “lying media”. That media will do everything in its power to bring down Trump. That is a given although he still has his base of support to count on during the upcoming mid-term election. As more damaging news comes out in the future I can only hope that there are no serious world events that would cause Americans no matter how they feel about him “to stand behind the president” as in a time of war.

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Operation Janus

The Department of Homeland Security has under review over 300,000 naturalized citizens for possible deportation back to their home countries because of possible fraud during the time they applied for green cards. Those who are caught up in the criminal justice system are now under extra scrutiny for possible denaturalization and deportation. Operation Janus has the blessing of the current administration to find those who applied for such government programs such as food stamps and Obamacare. Identity theft in order to obtain work is another way they will be tracked down and deported. Beginning in 2020 the Census Department will ask on the form if the person is a citizen or legal resident of the United States. The last time this question was asked was in 1950.

Racial profiling is now being used by law enforcement to carry out the order of the Trump administration’s Operation Janus and people of color, as usual, will feel the brunt of this new directive. ICE continues to ramp up its activities by now going onto courthouses around the country to find those who have traffic tickets or any kind of civil matters that bring people in front a judge. The writing is on the wall for all of those who desire the gift of citizenship but instead are being shown the exit door instead.


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Subconcious Slavery

All members of the family of man no matter where they reside on this third stone from the sun are programmed to live a life based on the predominant thoughts of each person’s Subconscious mind. We all live in a world of the conscious mind where we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch. The so-called five senses of mankind. The mind of man has always depended on the ability to think and learn from our interactions with our peers, and the natural world that constantly reminds us who is the true master of life and death. Our thoughts are what the Subconscious mind responds to whether they are good bad or indecent. What we want to manifest into our lives we only need to begin to think or even desire for this thing or event to become reality.

The average person has thousands of different thoughts on a daily basis from what I want for breakfast to what can I do to survive another day. Our thoughts are always one thing if nothing else. Personal. Sharing with others is an option that most will not choose unless forced by circumstances such as being high on drugs or alcohol or being diagnosed as being mentally ill. The Subconscious is what makes us have the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It is our own personal computer from God. It works the same way as its electronic competition the computer. They both say garbage in garbage out. The Subconscious never forgets. Everything that has happened in one’s life is buried there. Our thoughts are things we must never forget that are an important part of who we are as we experience the beauty of life on earth. Think about it.


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The Times Of Our lives

When we are born we become a part of the generation of our peers. My life assignment is to the so-called “baby boomer” generation which I personally refer to this group as the “Analog Generation” being born well before the electronic age took off with the individual’s access to the personal computer, and the Internet, iPhones, smart everything electronic. This new world order is on the 24-hour schedule we must now endure as our reality as members of society as we now know it.

Past memories of a time when the only phones that we had access to were at home or phone booths that were everywhere people congregated. Superman would have a serious problem today finding a place to change and store his personal property while he saved society from those who preyed on society with criminal intent. The aging process was something I really never gave much thought about when I was a young man because of the responsibilities of family commitments and just surviving life with at least a positive attitude whenever possible. That is the most that I can ask of myself as I now begin to evaluate my life experiences in earnest. The people and places I encountered are now slowly coming back to me so that I can evaluate and finally understand what the true meaning of life is. Enjoy the finite time you are given because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

There is not one person who has ever lived who could truthfully say that I have no regrets about the experiences both positive and negative during my lifetime. That thought process either makes you a better person or not. The one constant fact of life is it constantly changes. To accept change allows us to grow mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically into the perfection that is possible to all humanity. We all have the power to improve our lives many times over.

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Omarosa has caught the attention of the American public who were just getting used to hearing about Stormy Daniels and her brief relationship with the president which has caused a lot of unwanted notoriety for the Trump family. There are now blacks calling Omarosa a sellout to her race because she was able to get closer to the power and influence of the White House than anyone of color before her. That is a fact that cannot be overlooked by those following this story. there is Dr. Ben Carson who currently oversees HUD but when has anyone seen anything about how he is doing his job and does anyone really care?.

She will be exposed to the American public through the media because she has stated that just as Michael Cohen did covertly to his then client Donald Trump. She made recordings of Mr. Trump saying things that he would not like to see revealed to the scrutiny of the so-called “lying media”. There has to be more to this story than meets the eye. There is always the backstory that will at some point in the future reveal the whole truth of this matter.

Donald Trump will learn the power of the black woman in American society. Using personal access to the president and digital recording technology she says she can back up her public statements.  This is a storm that will not pass without causing irreparable damage to both parties involved. What the fallout will be is yet to be seen by the public. But the damage is done.

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