The mass migration phenomenon continues to be a part of the daily news cycle in this country as the immigrants from mostly Central American countries continue their journey to the United States where they seek asylum status as people fleeing gang violence and the endemic poverty of their collective homelands. The president has stated publicly that America does need people who are from certain countries south of the border. John Kelly who is a member of the president’s cabinet said that these people cannot assimilate into our society mostly because of language issues. The truth of the matter is that a person can be a part of our society without being fluent in the English language. It is a fact that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Another point to consider about diversity in our country is the fact that most government documents are available in languages other than English.

America is a society that is aging and cannot afford to exclude those who are seeking a chance no matter how slim to be a part of a great nation that was built by those who were first called refugees. Immigration has always contributed to the greatness of our country. and without it, our society will not survive as we now know it. That is a reality that we cannot afford to ignore.

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Earth Angels

Today is Mother’s day and why it is important to honor those special women we call Mother. A lot of times in life for reasons that are too numerous to count people lose the ability to care properly for their children. This could be through neglect, incarceration, or drug abuse or other reasons. Those women who willingly take on the role of mothering of another person’s child are Earth Angels and are truly admired and respected as our birth Mothers. Sometimes even more. I as a man cannot understand the process of giving birth that women endure including my own mother. But at the same time, I would not be here without her. One more thought. Because of the facts of life. Mother and Fathers Day should be on the same day. Life is a biologically equal partnership between a man and a woman.

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Donald Trump 2016

The swamp is not being drained.


Donald Trump is currently a candidate for the presidency of the United States. Should he win he will finally become what he want’s to be. The most important man on earth. The field of Republican candidates has shrunk from seventeen to three. This man has defied all who thought he would not be considered as someone who would be sitting in the oval office in the near future.

Mr. Trump comes off as arrogant, and dismissive of others around him. If you are a Billionaire you have to be that way. There is a fact that I can’t get out of my mind. Trump looks presidential. If he is the Republican nominee Hillary Clinton will be in the same situation as she was running against President Obama in 2008.

Donald Trump may well be just what the doctor ordered for a country that is sick, and tired of the same…

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What is now happening on the world stage in regards to the animosity between Iran and Israel that is being played out in Syria will make the middle east once again the focal point for global instability. The recent flare-up between these two sworn enemies has now emboldened Israel to say they will literally destroy any country that militarily attacks their homeland. Ex-president George W. Bush recently stated that the United States should not isolate itself from world events. When you add the Muslim ban that Trump ordered right after he became president. Netanyahu the leader of the state of Israel is depending on the support of their only ally America to survive any challenge from the hostile Arab countries that surround its borders.

This thought came to my mind as I watch the drama of life. Our president is under scrutiny by the media about his legal ties with his lawyer Michael Cohen who is being investigated by the Justice Department about his ties to a Russian businessman who paid him $500,000 dollars for possible access to the president’s ear. The Russian connection that the president denies ever existed. This is what Cohen told the donor’s which included ATT. At this point, the only way the president can save his @ss is to get the country into a war that he knows that the country will forget the small stuff and support our commander-in-chief. The president desperately needs a major distraction from his personal life as soon as possible. The animosity between Iran and Israel and how the president responds to this crisis will either make or break him.

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The Winds Of War

The proxy war between Israel and Iran has reached a new level with a tit for tat exchange between the two countries with Israel launching attacks on Iranian military targets in Syria. Iran has launched missiles into parts of the Israeli homeland to retaliate. This proxy war could be the beginning of another wave of violence in the middle east that is only made worse by the fact that the president has made the choice to not continue with the deal the Obama administration made with Iran with the understanding that Iran would get one hundred and fifty billion dollars that was being held in American banks. The money was released to Iran with little oversite about how it would be used by the Iranian government. This release of funds gave the Iranian government the money it needed to move forward with their nuclear ambitions despite an already unstable middle east.

President Trump has decided to take the United States out of the deal with Iran on how we will respond if Iran continues with its program to make a nuclear bomb. The Saudis are now saying that if Iran gets a nuclear bomb they will follow suit for the protection of Saudi Arabia by getting nuclear weapons for their military arsenal. Israel is not saying whether it has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. This looks like a modern race to get weapons of mass destruction that will only lead to more instability in the middle east. Once again the winds of war are beginning to stir in our world. And it appears the world is getting dangerously close to the slippery slope that leads to another military disaster on a global scale. America and Russia will finally determine who is truly the dominant world power in this new world order.

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Lipstick On A Pig

The old saying goes “Just because you put lipstick on a pig it doesn’t change the fact that it is a pig.” The president’s lawyer set up a company called Essentials Consultants to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about her paid for sexual encounters with Mr. Trump. Mr. Cohen’s access to the president-elect made him a prime target for bribery and extortion from businesses that operated on a global level who wanted things to happen financially in their favor that the president could make happen with the stroke of a pen. The amount of money that was to flow through Mr. Cohen’s sham business account has now reached almost a half a billion dollars. This story has taken on a global interest because of the Russian connection.

The president said that he welcomed any entity that could help him win the election of 2016. It appears that he might have made a deal with the Devil to be on the top of the world but at what cost? Russian collusion in the elections of 2016 is all over this story.  This is a replay of Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Nixon told the American people “I am not a crook” This was proven to be a lie that his supporters believed until the bitter end.  he resigned his office in disgrace. This president’s downfall will not only be about politics as usual but how we accept as normal the negative side of our psyche. Donald Trump is just a symbol of what we have become as a society that is lost and looking for a reason to feel good about itself. The strategy of tough love might be appropriate here, and just maybe the president is “crazy like a fox” to make America great again. Despite his personal failings as a human being.

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The Russians Are Coming

The news just got worse for Michael Cohen today related to money that was funneled through a front company set up by Cohen. The new total is 4,425,000 there is now a proven connection between the president’s lawyer and a Russian billionaire. This is the other shoe dropping on this scandal that will sink the Trump presidency. The money was paid between October of 2016 and January of 2018. The question of the day is where is that money? This story gets worse as each day passes. At first, it was about the money paid to Stormy a measly $130,000 compared to the now half a billion in funds that were put into the Cohen’s bank account. The paper trail will lead investigators to the source of this money which will at some point involve the president.

The lawyer for Trump has entanglements with the Russians that began just before the president was sworn in. The Russians were accused of hacking the email account of Hillary Clinton and releasing the information to the public. This news made candidate Trump extremely happy, and he encouraged the release of more of Hillary’s emails. It appears that Russia helped Trump win the presidency through their hacking of Hillary. They now have information that is damaging to Trump himself. It should be understood that money and power corrupts those who only want those two things out of life. This desire is found especially in those involved in the political world. The president is now connected to an investigation that will bring down his administration both on morality and corruption issues. This story is like a slow-motion car wreck and the American people are in the passenger seat of the car that is being driven by the president.

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