No Money

Those who live in modern societies that are for the most part prosperous all have the civic duty of paying taxes to fund the government in its responsibilities in serving those elected for that purpose. For the first time in human history a system has come into common practice where every Penney earned and spent can now be monitored by direct deposit of money into the bank, and the use of credit and debit cards along with apps that can be scanned with your smart phone to pay for goods and services automatically, and lets not forget the bar-code symbol that now appears on just about anything that can be purchased.

We are now programmed to always have our GPS activated phone close by so it can ping the closest cell tower with our precise location. They are now giving away phones to any adult with an ID card. When was the last time you saw a pay phone in a public place except for bus and train stations? Clark Kent would have a hell of a time changing into his Superman outfit today.

Paper money will still be around for the lower class members of our society at least for the time being. Are we already in the times mentioned in the Bible where the only way you can survive is to have the “mark of the beast” in one’s possession. At this point in time, anything is possible for those we have given the power to govern us.

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2019 The Year Ahead

2018 is now in the books and for most of us, we say good riddance. Now we are in a new year where those in power in the government the Democrat and the Republican party cannot seem to come up with a plan to end the partial shutdown of the Federal government. 800,000 employees have not received any pay for the last eleven days, although they will eventually be paid contract workers will not. The president says that those workers support his actions to get the funds for his “beautiful” border wall. The Democratic leaders are standing firm on not releasing those monies to reopen the government.

The Border Patrol now says that the migrants are now arriving at the southern border in buses. The human traffickers are stepping up their game to get as many people as possible in an attempt to force both the U.S. and Mexican to process asylum claims faster. The leadership of the governments of the impoverished countries in Central America are being held accountable by the president who has threatened to cut off all financial aid to that region unless they stop the emigration of their citizens North. Good luck with that plan.

Who will be the Democratic front-runner in the 2020 election has yet to be determined as they will be going after the president with a long list of investigations into his financial dealings and his family contacts with the Russians. A Newsweek article states: A former Bush Adviser believes Trump will leave office in 2019 in exchange for “the relevant authorities not pursuing criminal charges against him, his children.” Is this the new reality we as citizens of America must get used to? Sadly it seems that just might be the case.

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Obama’s Slippery Slope

Donald Trump.


The president has authorized the deployment of an additional 250 troops to Syria. This upgrade in the involvement of America in the mess that is the middle east in 2016. There are millions of desperate people trying to escape ISIS, and the violence that permeates that part of the world. America cannot turn a blind eye to world events. We had the isolationist attitude at other times during the past century. It proved to be a losing proposition in the eyes of those who think that we should rule the world that is jealous of what we have.

President Kennedy sent troops to Vietnam after the French were defeated in their attempt to continue their colonial control of the Asian underlings. We took up the mantle of being the “Great White Hope” for Asia. We failed miserably. If the past is any indicator of future events more  American boots on the…

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Life Is But A Dream

After much thought about the thing we call life, I now have the opinion that when we sleep and dream it is just a continuation of the need for the brain to be always connected to our environment. We all have had what one would call “bad dreams” or even “nightmares” that seemed very real at the time. Our dreams are related to our life experiences so they are personal and for the most part not to be shared with others.

The modern world we now live in with all of the devices that we have at our command to make life more interesting than any time in human history is like living in a dream world to say the least. When our lives are going in a positive direction or we experience unexpected good fortune we say its like we are in a dream. Consider the fact that its only in the last 150 years that we have airplanes electricity, automobiles and telephones. The history of mankind goes back thousands of years with minimal progress until now. We are constantly being exposed to the wonders of this place we call earth and beyond our universe. We should try to make the world a better place by starting within. The dream continues.

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Just Start

I found this short article for those who are interested in starting their own business a good place to mentally start the process.

The entrepreneurial spirit is marked action-followed by mistakes and failure-then, more action. But starting is the hardest part. Too many of us are waiting to start. Waiting for permission from our boss, or for the weather to clear up or the economy to boom. Just start. There are no secret handshakes or special instructions. No one is standing in your way but you. You choose to be notorious. You choose to be the hero of your own life. Start and don’t stop-momentum is your friend. Just start.

James Victore

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This means anything we truly want to achieve we must first get over the thought process of if I fail I will not try again. Just do it!!

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White Man’s Burden

Throughout the history of western society, those of Caucasian ancestry were given the lions-share of the benefits of that society. They had the freedom and most importantly the intelligence to be able to travel across the globe and in most instances discover and subjugate those who they considered inferior because of the color of their skin. The sun never set on the British empire for centuries, The French and the Spanish explorers opened up even more opportunities for exploitation for the coffers of European royalty.

The present situation in Europe where countries who used to have colonies across the globe now see the former subjects of said places flooding into Europe to flee war and poverty in their home countries. Those countries who exploited others for prosperity of themselves now have to deal with the ” chickens come home to roost” problem. The future of society will mean that all cultures and races will have to respect each other and not have a “holier than thou” attitude about those who share this fragile thing we call life.

What will the world of the future look like? That will be determined by time and attitude adjustments of those who now have the control of the world the burden of history is heavy indeed.

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Syrian Sonata III

The president has announced the removal of all American troops out of the war-torn country of Syria. Six years ago when then-president Obama authorized the military there to fight ISIS with the help of Kurdish fighters in the region. This “full” and “rapid” withdrawal comes even as a surprise to our military leadership. The Kurds will once again feel abandoned by the Americans. ISIS is more than just people it is an idea that cannot be destroyed militarily. That is a fact that cannot be ignored.

The winners in this decision will be the Russians, Iranians and of course ISIS. These countries will have free reign in the region and will surely put the country of Israel on a higher alert status once we are out of the picture in Syria. Will Iraq be next as we draw down our forces in that eternally volatile part of the world? Time will answer that question. It seems that our American emperor has no clothes.

The president’s personal and financial problems are being talked about gleefully by the media to his dismay. The fact that the Russians are all over his family dealings since he took office makes him look suspect as being in the pocket of Putin. The Syrian Sonata continues.

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