When Less Is More

The picture of five individuals who have occupied in the past or in the present the highest office in the land. President of the United States. They were in close contact with each other because of the death and funeral of George H. W. Bush. The president had to endure the presence on the world stage of people who have been insulted and disparaged in countless tweets from his personal account. The mood before his and Melania’s appearance was animated then it went downhill from there. Bill and Hillary refused to acknowledge his presence although he was only a few feet away. The president looked like a fish out of water at that point in time. 

Now comes the investigations of the Trump administration by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives who will now move forward to investigate the relationship with the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election cycle. The Stormy Daniels story opened the floodgate of media scrutiny into the behavior of our current president to discredit those he refers to as the “lying media” with the exception of Fox News. Those in the mainstream media circles are loving another opportunity to disparage our commander in chief whenever possible. That is the price that has been paid for elective office in modern times.

The reality of life is the less negative facts we learn about those who we put our faith and trust in the better we feel when they follow through to our collective satisfaction. The pictures of the presidents at a funeral for a president said volumes about the transfer of power for the most powerful job in the world. There is a disconnect that is unprecedented in our history. The less friction among those who are chosen to lead the better the outcome for the masses. There is a lesson here for those who pay attention.

About serius1058

I am a 64year old male. I live in California. I continute to blog as a way to give my opinion on things that I read about. I am a baby boomer and I feel that because of the life I have experienced, and the times we are living through the need to be examined with a critical eye. I feel this is my purpose in life. Live,learn, and comment. I will attempt to make this happen.
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