Subconcious Slavery

All members of the family of man no matter where they reside on this third stone from the sun are programmed to live a life based on the predominant thoughts of each person’s Subconscious mind. We all live in a world of the conscious mind where we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch. The so-called five senses of mankind. The mind of man has always depended on the ability to think and learn from our interactions with our peers, and the natural world that constantly reminds us who is the true master of life and death. Our thoughts are what the Subconscious mind responds to whether they are good bad or indecent. What we want to manifest into our lives we only need to begin to think or even desire for this thing or event to become reality.

The average person has thousands of different thoughts on a daily basis from what I want for breakfast to what can I do to survive another day. Our thoughts are always one thing if nothing else. Personal. Sharing with others is an option that most will not choose unless forced by circumstances such as being high on drugs or alcohol or being diagnosed as being mentally ill. The Subconscious is what makes us have the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It is our own personal computer from God. It works the same way as its electronic competition the computer. They both say garbage in garbage out. The Subconscious never forgets. Everything that has happened in one’s life is buried there. Our thoughts are things we must never forget that are an important part of who we are as we experience the beauty of life on earth. Think about it.


About serius1058

I am a 64year old male. I live in California. I continute to blog as a way to give my opinion on things that I read about. I am a baby boomer and I feel that because of the life I have experienced, and the times we are living through the need to be examined with a critical eye. I feel this is my purpose in life. Live,learn, and comment. I will attempt to make this happen.
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