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Days of Future Passed

There is a point in life where the future we all look forward to from birth is now a part of the past. Once we accept our own mortality at the point in time where the aging process begins to … Continue reading

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Our day to day struggles to survive and make sense of the lives we lead and those relationships with family, friends that at some point become dysfunctional to use the psychiatric term. We all need to get along with not … Continue reading

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Population Plus

America is a nation that defines the culture of the automobile like no other country on earth. We love the freedom of getting into our second most favorite space to spend time in besides the places we call home. I … Continue reading

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Smoke And Mirrors

One day the president says he will bring destruction and horror never seen before on the country of North Korea if Kim Jung Un does not back down with his threat to use ICBM weaponry to attack the United States … Continue reading

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Another Brick In The Wall

The Country of Israel has now become a “nation-state of the Jewish people” to the outrage of its Arab citizens who now are officially second-class members of the country. This is the final blow to the Palestinian people’s dream of … Continue reading

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Putin’s Puppet

Un-American…outrageous…stupid…ridiculous were some of the adjectives used by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to describe the behavior of the president during his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Finland. Even with the Justice Department’s indictments of eleven Russian diplomats and … Continue reading

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Truth Or Reality

To be known as a person who is considered to be truthful when it comes to giving one’s word to either do or not do a specific activity is how the world works. A contract is basically an agreement to … Continue reading

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The war on immigrants who now reside illegally in Donald Trump’s America has started to evolve into a system to frighten and intimidate those he wants to deport back to their home countries. The president has ordered that those who … Continue reading

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Fourth Of July

Today is when we celebrate the date when our country declared itself an independent nation who no longer had ties to the British Empire. There will be picnics, fireworks and maybe some time to contemplate what it means to be … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

Originally posted on Observations:
Richard Pryor on one of his comedy albums made the statement”Tell me a good lie so I don’t have to think about the truth” I have always remembered that statement about the realities of modern life.…

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