All of my life I have been around people who smoked cigarettes or cigars in the south consumption included snuff and chewing tobacco. The adults that I observed seemed to like the habit.  I also remember that you could buy a four pack of candy cigarettes when you wanted to act like a grownup. The Flintstone cartoon show in the sixties used to have Fred and Barney puffing on a Winston cigarette. Millions of baby boomers grew up believing that other than the smell you could smoke almost anywhere. There were smoking sections on airplanes and buses. The big tobacco companies wanted to keep you as a satisfied customer for as long as humanly possible.

Then when scientists found out that there was a link between smoking and lung cancer the long slide from being a popular product to being a pariah. Banned in all of the familiar places which was everywhere that people socialized. The only people who keep them in business now are the hardcore smokers who are willing to pay almost ten dollars a pack. Something drastic had to be done. The genius of technology solved the problem by coming up with the electronic cigarette. This device vaporizes the chemicals inside as you breathe them into your lungs. The problem is that these chemicals irritate the lining of the throat and lungs. There are no warnings to those who choose to use this product. When it comes to our health knowledge about what is going into our bodies is essential.

About serius1058

I am a 64year old male. I live in California. I continute to blog as a way to give my opinion on things that I read about. I am a baby boomer and I feel that because of the life I have experienced, and the times we are living through the need to be examined with a critical eye. I feel this is my purpose in life. Live,learn, and comment. I will attempt to make this happen.
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