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The Pyramid of life

Life it seems is broken up into at least three main parts: our past, our present circumstances, and what we all who think about it.¬†Our future or what we can really perceive as the way we want to live at … Continue reading

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Deportation Nation

The promises made by president Trump are being carried out by ICE agents all across the United States continue the tear apart the families of those left behind. There is little that can be done for those individuals sitting in … Continue reading

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Mother Of All Bombs

President Trump ordered a MOAB bomb dropped on a¬†suspected ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The media stated that the device killed around 34 militants. This device cost around six million dollars. That is a lot of taxpayer money to kill … Continue reading

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Unconscious Transference

Our thoughts go out to the world like radio waves, and are picked up by like-minded individuals who pick up the frequency that is produced by the process of thinking. The fact is everything in the universe is in a … Continue reading

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The Past Is Dead

There is a problem that we all as members of the human race seem to not to get beyond in our relationship with those who we say we care about whether they be family or those we choose to be … Continue reading

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When we are born into this world we are afraid of two things naturally falling and noise. All other things we are taught thru our life experiences or what we are told, Remember the boogey-man or the monsters who hide … Continue reading

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