The Games People Play: Political Impotence

The political scene in the capital of this great country is at the least impotent. I always heard that” power was an aphrodisiac. ” The current political cast of characters; who will decide the fate of both America, and the free world combined appear impotent at the time when they need to “man up.”

Each party leader is saying that the other guy is slacking, and is not willing to compromise; all the while more people’s lives are being disrupted as each day passes. We as citizens of this great country need to steer away from accepting: ” Tell me a good lie so I don’t have to think about the truth mentality.”

We all have a lot to lose here, and the true losers will be the future generations of this country. We all need to think about those who sacrificed for us to be here today. We all owe it to the future citizens of this great country. What are you willing to do to help your fellow citizens? That is something we all need to think about.

About serius1058

I am a 64year old male. I live in California. I continute to blog as a way to give my opinion on things that I read about. I am a baby boomer and I feel that because of the life I have experienced, and the times we are living through the need to be examined with a critical eye. I feel this is my purpose in life. Live,learn, and comment. I will attempt to make this happen.
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