Angel Of Death

The Coronavirus has changed lives we once took for granted forever. We as human beings will have to survive in a world where close physical contact with others of our species its verboten. God help us.

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Watch “12 Years a Slave” on YouTube

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2020 Vision

The decade of the 20’s has begun with little fanfare by a society that is eagerly looking forward to the future, and all the possibilities that can exist moving forward. The numbers 2020 for some reason to me at least gives me a sense of peace for reasons I cannot explain. The world we now inhabit has not really changed in the thousands of years of human history that came before us. The attitudes and behaviors of modern society can be justified by our individual DNA profiles. Our life experiences confirms this reality on a daily basis.

The new year always gives one a chance to look forward to the year ahead with a clean slate mentally. This is a once a year gift that a lot of us waste because we a not mentally ready to accept it. The Catholic church has confession clause where you can say I have sinned and be forgiven by a priest on a regular basis, and then you are mentally free to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The bottom line is we all need the use the power of our minds to forgive most importantly ourselves and anyone we believe have may have done us wrong in the past. This a God given power we all possess, and should not waste on trivial matters.

Our lives are all on the count-down clock from the moment of our conception to our eventual demise. That is something we all need to remember on a daily basis.

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The president’s decision to pull all American military forces out of Syria may be the first part of a plan to bring our troops back in the future in an attempt to clean up the mess he has created. This will surely be at a cost of lives and treasure one cannot imagine at this point in time. We betrayed the then south vietnamese people at the end of that useless war. I remember watching people hanging on the landing skids of the last helicopters leaving the Saigon embassy as the NVA soldiers claimed final victory over the American “invaders.”

America did the right thing by allowing thousands of allies and their families to immigrate to this country to at least make up for that act of betrayal many years ago. The current administration has no plan to do anything similar to help the Kurds especially after signing the anti-muslim ban. America is giving up its leadership role in the middle east for reasons only known to the president and his inner circle. Tho only other country we can count on in that unstable part of the world is Israel and they should be concerned when we are sending more troops to defend Saudi Arabia in case of a future military conflict in that part of the world.

The story of possible impeachment of our president and to kick him out of office opens the door for Mike Pence to be our next president. The future of our country is on the line especially on the world stage. We have to do better than this for those who will follow us in the future.

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Trump’s Tower Of Babble

The Trump Dynasty


This president’s struggle to maintain the current status of his administration which is under constant attack from the Democrats for more information about his contacts with leader of Russia after becoming president. Thirty-seven is the number of people who are now under investigation or on their way to prison for involvement with this man is testimony to the power of corruption in Washington politics and those who are elected to serve the American people. The desire for more power in the Oval Office is nothing new here. In the early 1900’s barely contained by the constitutional limits of his executive powers, Teddy Roosevelt boasted he “caused to be done many things not previously done by the President,” This president’s call for a national emergency to get around Congress to obtain funds for his border wall is just a modern version of that attitude.

It seems that history does at some…

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Syrian Sonata II

The actions of president Trump when it comes to Syria appear to enrich the Trump family during this unusual point in time in the American society moving forward. Our president gave the Turkish government and most importantly the military free reign to occupy areas that were occupied by American troops who for reasons only known to those in power were told to destroy anything that cannot be moved before the Egyptians took control of abandoned areas under control of the US military.

The only thing that comes close to this betrayal of the Kurdish fighters who helped the American military put ISIS on the defensive. As I have said in the past the best way for the president to stay in office is to get the country involved in a major military action anywhere. The middle east is the perfect starting place to secure a second term for the president.

I ask myself when I look at the past behavior of those who where elected to lead and inspire future generations to aspire to be the best that they can be is lost in the era of Donald Trump. This president is just what the American society needs at this point in time and whether we pay attention to the subliminal messages we are exposed to on a daily basis from the media both positive and negative related to the those in power and those who they can influence to follow their beliefs no matter what.

We pull troops our of Syria at the same time we are sending troops to Saudi Arabia for what.? That is something that will need to be explained to the American people aa soon as possible because he middle east is a part of the world we cannot get it wrong. Period. Syria is now under the control of the Russians and Putin could not be happier because Russia now has the toehold in the middle east it has long coveted. A gift from our president with no strings attached except a request that they do not interfere with our 2020 Election cycle. Good luck with that pipe dream. Film at eleven.

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The Midnight Sun

The earth is getting hotter because of human activity. That is a fact that is being ignored to the peril of future generations. An episode of the Twilight Zone told a story of the earth moving closer and closer to the sun and how those who were alive waited for their inevitable fiery demise. The world we now inhabit is starting to show signs of getting hotter faster than any time in recorded history. Scientist’s now say within this century the water levels of the oceans will rise to over 3 feet because of the melting ice caps in Antarctica.

As the populations of our planet increases over time the earth will feel like its moving towards the sun. There will be two professions that will be able to exploit the coming disaster. Those in the construction industry who can build sea walls to protect cities when possible, and those who will service the air conditioners that will keep us cool. Saudi Arabia has shown you can have a man-made oasis even in the desert

That future can be postponed if we all remember the future belongs to the young and those yet unborn. Remember to pass it forward when it comes to mother earth.

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