A Blind Eye

The leader of the country of Ukraine has recently asked the NATO for help in what they believe will be war with their Russian neighbor. The Russians have captured three navy vessels and their crews. The crew members were shown on television admitting they were at fault which is being seen as they were coerced to do. Ukraine was an area great suffering during WWII because Hitler wanted the oil fields that were located in that area. The German army fought some of the bloodiest battles of the war. The collapse of the Soviet Union gave some freedom for the peoples of this area. In 2014 Russia invaded and took control of the Crimea with very little reporting by the media.

It seems that once again in world events western governments are ignoring the aggression of the Soviets. NATO does not want to consider military action which it could not provide in any case. America seems to have been compromised in its election process by the contact of high administration officials with Russian operatives in the 2016 elections. America is still a young country when it comes to the world stage, and the Russians have centuries of history to perfect its image on that stage. That is something to remember in our dealings with Russia, and China both. Putin’s Barbarossa continues to move forward just as Hitler’s operation of the same name did over seventy years ago. This is not the time to have a blind eye to the reality of current world events. Enough said. 

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A Flip Of The Cohen

Michael Cohen has finally reached the stage where he will be sentenced by a judge in federal court district of New York. The man who once said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump will now face three years in custody because of that blind loyalty that the president has required of all of those in his personal orbit. Three years to be away from family, and lifestyle of privilege he had enjoyed. Michael Avanati the attorney of Stormy Daniels the person who started the whole media circus stated that Cohen is a criminal and deserves every day he spends in prison and that the president is next to feel the wrath of the criminal justice system. 

There are now sixteen individuals under indictment from the federal government for ties to the Russian investigation related to the 2016 election for president. Mr. Cohen is the first to take his punishment for crimes committed on the behalf of Mr. Trump over the years. This holiday season in the White will be much different than those of past presidents and their families as a symbol for the country to admire and enjoy. The Grinch, in this case, has finally stolen Christmas from the president’s base, and the rest of the country as well.

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When Less Is More

The picture of five individuals who have occupied in the past or in the present the highest office in the land. President of the United States. They were in close contact with each other because of the death and funeral of George H. W. Bush. The president had to endure the presence on the world stage of people who have been insulted and disparaged in countless tweets from his personal account. The mood before his and Melania’s appearance was animated then it went downhill from there. Bill and Hillary refused to acknowledge his presence although he was only a few feet away. The president looked like a fish out of water at that point in time. 

Now comes the investigations of the Trump administration by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives who will now move forward to investigate the relationship with the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election cycle. The Stormy Daniels story opened the floodgate of media scrutiny into the behavior of our current president to discredit those he refers to as the “lying media” with the exception of Fox News. Those in the mainstream media circles are loving another opportunity to disparage our commander in chief whenever possible. That is the price that has been paid for elective office in modern times.

The reality of life is the less negative facts we learn about those who we put our faith and trust in the better we feel when they follow through to our collective satisfaction. The pictures of the presidents at a funeral for a president said volumes about the transfer of power for the most powerful job in the world. There is a disconnect that is unprecedented in our history. The less friction among those who are chosen to lead the better the outcome for the masses. There is a lesson here for those who pay attention.

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Resume Of Life

Once again we are reminded of the fact that everyone is born to die. The recent death of former president George H. W. Bush and all of the media attention surrounding his life. The nation will now go into a period of mourning and remembrance of a life well lived. Mr. Bush was a prolific writer during his life and like those who served in the highest office in the land before him, he will have a presidential library to store and display all of his personal writings over his lifetime.

The personal and public documents are a resume of a man’s life forever preserved for future generations to study and admire. Mr. Bush earned that distinction. We all have the opportunity to add to our personal journal of life experiences every day. Many years have passed since I have written or received a handwritten letter. I’m sure most of those reading this blog can understand that reality. The use of printed materials continues to decline in modern society causing us to depend on the digital world to store our information.

I have come to the conclusion that one should not only store important documents such as wills, mortgages, insurance policies etc. We all need to organize our personal papers in printed form for future generations of our individual families to read and understand our life and times. If you think about it personal journals have in the past produced both movies and best seller books for the enjoyment and education of society. We all have a story to tell but first, we should write it down for prosperity.

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Flamed Out

I like most people have watched the fires that continue to ravage the state at both ends. In Ventura County, the fires have left the daytime skies left dark or blood-red from all of the smoke caused burning vegetation that is tinder dry from six years of drought. Once again the wealthy areas suffered the most devastation. The entire city of Malibu was evacuated hundreds of expensive homes were burnt to the ground. The temperature in the 80’s right now with no rain in sight. There is very little discussion about global warming and its effect on the planet we call home. The Hurricane in Florida, Super Typhoon in the Philippines, and for the first time the government has changed the term “fire season” to year-round status in California.

The fire also caused the loss of Internet and phone service for the entire Oxnard city area for over 24 hours this also included television. All communication with others was lost. I began to wonder what if the systems destroyed by the fires will take a long time to repair? The Woolsey fire now covers an area of 150 square miles with no containment in sight. The smell of smoke is everywhere even at night. The other shoe will drop when the rains begin and then the problems will be flooding and mudslides. Mother Earth is trying to warn us that we are responsible for the world that we leave for future generations. At the rate we’re going they will only get a burnt-out washed away hulk.

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La Frontera II

When I first wrote about the border with Mexico it was about people in this country illegally who were being deported from the United States being dumped at the border without any identification papers or money by ICE. They were caught up in the legal justice system for something as simple as a traffic ticket. There is a lot of rhetoric coming from the president about the “invasion” coming up from Mexico. The migrant group has now swelled to over 15,000 people. Once again a president is sending military troops to provide logistical support to the Border Patrol. There is the talk of tent cities to be set up as “temporary” detention facilities as not to separate families while they are being processed.

In 1980 the Mariel boatlift began when Fidel Castro allowed 124,000 Cubans including criminals, the sick both mentally and physically to leave Cuba and come to America on up to 1,700 small boats. All of this occurred between April and October of that year. The Marielito’s as the refugees were called were assimilated into our society with minimal problems for Americans. There was no breakdown of our way of life, no outbreaks of diseases from the refugees. I now listen to the politicians saying that the people coming this way are bringing these things with them including Middle Easterners thrown in for good measure.

The migrant caravan will not go away because we don’t want to be invaded by those who for the most part only want a chance at a better life here for themselves and their families. Is America returning to its racist past for the survival of those who want to minimize the non-white hordes from what Trump described as s#!thole countries? What will play out in the coming months on the border will define who we are as a nation moving forward.

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America is once again under attack from within by those who espouse racial hate against minorities. The killing of 11 people at a Jewish temple in Pittsburg, The killing of two blacks in a store in Kentucky by a white man who was unable to get into a black church. The mailing of pipe bombs to people including former presidents Clinton and Obama by an ardent supporter of Trump and his attitudes about minorities in general. American society has to deal with another mass shooting by an angry white man with easy access to the guns used in the murders. These kinds of shootings continue to the point that one becomes unable to be shocked anymore. When President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 it was the beginning of the times of violence that is so commonplace that I now realize that not much has changed when it comes to stories of gun violence in the United States.

The fact is there are more guns in this country than people, and it appears that we are all potential targets to be wounded and killed whenever someone gets angry for whatever reason and decides to shoot others. The killers are for the most part white men with anger issues against minorities. Jews have been persecuted throughout history in all of the cultures that they found themselves living in. From the Roman empire to the Nazi party they have had to survive constant religious and racial persecution by others. The president is seen as the figurehead for the racist movement now prevalent in our society he is not using his bully pulpit status to unite us he is adding fuel to the fire with his attitude. Our country is like a boat without a rudder. We need a leader who can lead and not incite the citizens of this great country.

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