Trump Time

Today Iran has seized two oil tankers one British another registered as Nigerian owned. The area between Iran and Africa is a bottleneck for the transportation of most importantly oil which is the lubricant of western society. The president continues to attack four congress women of color despite the news of the oil tankers seizures. He continues to connect his views about the state of Israel as it as a country that could not defend itself without the United States.

As long as there is oil to be pumped out of the ground in the middle east we can always expect to be dependent on that valuable commodity for our very survival. If this situation with Iran is not dealt with in a timely manner by president Trump including using the military already propositioned in that part of the world.

Once again those who are running for president are silenced on the national stage and the president has the advantage in case of war with Iran. One mistake on either side will not be good to say the least. The time we will face in the future will indeed be remembered by historians as the times of Donald Trump. The reality here is this. If we get into a military conflict anywhere in the world the president will be guaranteed a second term in the White House. That is a fact that cannot be ignored by the voters next year.

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Fifty years ago I can remember what the reality of life in America depending on the ethnicity of those who called this country home. Whites were always given the top consideration when it came to privileges to live the so-called American dream that we that all who are lucky to be able live here hope to attain at some point in our lives.The future belongs to the young that is a given we all understand. Those of us who can look back a half a century before the Internet,cell phones,personal computers,apps,Facebook,Google. The list gets longer everyday in perpetuity.

Fifty years was not that long ago whe we consider the length of recorded human history which goes back thousands of years. Humanity has fast forwarded because of electricity, the telephone, and most importantly the automobile. These devices did not exist until someone had a thought that they could be a reality. That thought process has taken society to this point in time. What we choose to promote or ignore is an individual choice. The truth is we no longer have the choice of sitting on the side lines of life. Technology has for the most part leveled the field of communication between individuals. There is no excuse for us to waste the last fifty years of technology on basic human feelings and emotions until we realize that we are the replicas in thought and deeds of those who came before us.

I personally hope to see the day when the only thing that changes about our lives is the date on the calendar and that will eventually happen because we as a society accept the diversity of the world we live in and if nothing else we will at least try to get along with those we consider “different” from ourselves. That is the key to our survival as a global society.

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Magical Thinking

There are millions of people living in America who have for the most part believe that this country is the salvation of those who come here for whatever reason who once they reach our borders they will be welcomed with open arms by those who came before seeking a better life and understand what it takes to become an American citizen at some point in the future if not for themselves but for their offspring who by being born here are considered 100% American by our legal system if nothing else.

Other than the descendants of slavery and those who were overrun as our country expanded to the left coast. The American Indian population continues to exist on reservations for generations after their tribal lands were taken over in the name of the”manifest destiny” mentality of white people that continues to this day. Trump is a rubber stamp of the frustration of white America when our borders are being overrun with people who are willing to come here with no expectation of equality once they cross our borders. Just an expectation that over generations their family will be accepted a citizens of this great nation and will do as those who especially fought and died in our wars for that privilege.

To be accepted as a citizen of this country is a gift that those born here cannot even fathom when it come to the subject of their loyalty to our country. Our laws are a double edged sword when we decide who should be here legally, and who should be deported because of our laws. The magical thinking of the past of staying just under the radar as far as legal residence in this country has been blown out of the water by president Trump who says leave our country if you are undocumented whether you like it or not. Our new reality has arrived how we deal with it as a nation will define us on the world stage whether we like it or not.

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As yet another member of the presidents inner circle has resigned in disgrace because of actions he chose to take in behalf of a billionaire who was convicted of sexual abuse of minors who was given 18 months in jail where he was allowed to leave 12 hours a day six days a week to run his empire and continue with his salacious behavior towards underage females while under arrest.

This administration has lost 13 cabinet members due to past behavior that was not vetted when they got a job at the White House. The question is why this information was not sought by the Trump administration to begin with.There are many positions still waiting to be filled with qualified people who want to work for the betterment our our country and how we are viewed on the world stage. Yet they remain unfilled. The question is why.?

The way things look now as long as everyone working for the president outside of immediate family can be considered as “temporary” as they can be let go on a moments notice from his Twitter account tweets. This is another side of a man who cannot be defined by the normal standards most of us have accepted as reality. The new world order continues to evolve on schedule. Donald Trump is America’s new reality whether we like it or not. The 2020 election cycle has begun with the ball in the presidents court.

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Deportation Nation II

The president has ordered ICE to begin the process of deporting up to one million people from the United States who have deportation orders from the government from the court system the other part of this situation that should concern the potential deportees is that anyone in the vicinity of those who happen to be also undocumented can can be arrested and deported as “collateral damage” to the arrests. This process will begin this Sunday a day that is related to religious tolerance and lest we forget the racial message of intolerance for people of color who will once again will live in a fear of being arrested and deported no matter what life they have managed to attain in a country that has always depended on immigration to make America a world power and the envy of others across the globe.

America like most developed countries across the globe is an ageing society that cannot survive without what I call” young blood” we will not survive as a society unless there are people to support the millions of “baby boomers” as they hope to age gracefully. The workforce of the present and the future are those who are here already here and are positive in their contributions to our society as a whole.

This coming round up of people that the courts say can legally be deported on top of the Trump administrations to require that anyone counted on the 2020 Census prove that they have a right to be here. The United States as a country and our values as a Democratic society will truly be tested on the world stage especially as we have a election for the next person who will demonstrate to our citizens and the world American society at its finest.

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American Gestapo II

The president after deciding to back down on his order to attack missile sites in Iran has now decided to instead go after those people who have deportation orders from ICE. Beginning this Sunday 2000 people with those orders will be rounded up and deported immediately to their home countries. These actions will take place in ten targeted cities across the United States. Mr. Trump is starting his plan to deport Millions of undocumented residents in order to “make America great again” for the rest of its legal citizens. Once again history is repeating itself in a very dangerous manner.

Anyone who has studied the story of Hitler and the Nazi party during the second world war. The Gestapo which was a special police force that had the job of keeping information about everyone in Germany especially the Jews. Anyone who might be a threat to the party was rounded up and put into concentration camps set up to intimidate all who were arrested by the Gestapo. The fear of a knock on the door was everywhere. Those with the power to arrest and detain are always feared because of that power.

We now have the President’s directive to take into custody a specific number of individual’s whose locations were already known by the government. When it come to the behavior of man the only thing that really changes in life is the date on the calendar, and that is a reality we all have to live with at the end of the day.

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Nothing To Worry About

Iran has shot down an American drone flying over international waters with the loss to taxpayers of over $150.000.000 Dollars and the military leadership appears willing to go to war against the United States to improve its status in that increasingly unstable part of the world. President Trump says we have nothing to worry about because everything is under control. When Trump says not to worry one must start because this one event will start the winds of war to begin to blow. For the second week in a row we are sending an additional 1000 troops to the Middle East to join the same amount deployed just last week.

As I stated earlier a military confrontation with Iran will guarantee the president another term in office. Those who want to replace him in the Oval Office the majority coming from the Democratic party are once again being silenced by world events that could give the president the second term he desires.

The U.S. military has to respond to this threat to our security forces in that part of the world or as they say in Asia it will “lose face” in the eyes of the world. President Trump has not spoken publicly about this incident which is unusual when one remembers the threats he made to North Korea not so long ago. This will be the moment in his time in office to really deal with the world problems he was elected to handle, and not keep talking about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton as he seeks re-election in 2020. Mr. president the whole world will be watching your leadership skills on the world stage. It’s time to earn your salary.

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