The president of the United States once again finds himself under another level of scrutiny by the media because of a person he let down his guard around because he felt that she was on his team. The truth of the matter is we live in a time where no matter where we go or whatever we say in public will be recorded by unknown people or sources.  No one with the sense God gave a Billy goat especially those who choose to run and serve in the realm of public service can realistically expect that whatever they say or do in unguarded moments will not be remembered or recorded for posterity by those who in the inner circle of power can see the possible financial possibilities of having a golden goose waiting to pay to play for information no matter how small that can be verified by the justice system in a court of law.

I cannot believe that any person of color in this country will think that the Trump administration will give a damn about the concerns of people who are not members of his hardline supports. This president is more concerned about deporting anybody with less than a perfect record before they were granted citizenship just because he can. Those who now serve in the military now find themselves in a status of being discharged because of the countries that they emigrated from and the families they left behind are to be considered potential enemies of the United States. Trump’s policy of Denaturalization gives ICE the power to arrest and deport legal residents of this country on past criminal offenses. Even those serving in the military are under suspicion of being suspect of their loyalty to America because of family ties back in their home countries

This beautiful, confident woman’s story will alway’s be there for those who want to know about this truly American story. Just as the Stormy Daniels story slowly went away this one will be seen as a story about the one thing that makes America less than great again. Discrimination based on race and sex has always existed. Those who experienced this paradigm depended on the government for relief. The civil rights act of 1964 only guaranteed employment for minorities in government jobs. Those in the private industries were exempt from hiring minorities so the status quo existed, acceptance of a flawed system was the norm.

We are now in the year 2018 the staff of the White House of the Trump administration is now devoid of any descendants of the slaves who built that symbol of Democracy and freedom. Omarosa is the beginning of another struggle for respect and inclusion that is long overdue for the “colored” peoples of America. Omarosa’s status could make a change in the way we see our government from the inside and from a racial perspective. Once again there is nothing new here.


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Reality Check

The events that are occurring in the Middle East especially in the now officially Jewish State Of Israel. The new state policy says only those of pure Jewish blood can enjoy the benefits of this new society. Arab citizens are now protesting their plight of being kicked to the back of the bus with the Palestinian masses living in the Gaza Strip, and West Bank under the strict supervision of the Israeli military to control every movement of the population. The Jewish state is now using tactics that were used by the Nazis in the occupied countries of Eastern Europe to deal with the sub-human populations in the East.

The history of the Middle East goes back thousands of years which means the behavior of the people who inhabit these lands are coded with the DNA of every individual born here before. Alexander The Great and his armies conquered the total area of what is now the countries of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine which is now the country of Israel.  This was two thousand and five hundred years ago. Wars of conquest are as old as the history of man. Those who live in the Middle East understand the reality of being conquered by others.

The history of America as a country is very short compared to the rest of the world we live in. But because we are a world power we tend to care little about the history of the world and the people beyond our borders. The president wants to turn back the clock to a time when there was no need to understand our friends and most importantly our enemies, and to make sense of the modern world one has to go back and study centuries of human behavior that is well documented for all who are willing to learn and improve the human condition. The blueprint is there for the future but the knowledge of our collective past is the key to our future. Knowing where we came from and how we survived in the past is the start no matter how long ago that point began. To know where you are going you have to know where you came from. this is the truth for countries as well as the individual.

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Stand Your Ground

Once again in the sunshine state of Florida, a black man has been shot to death by a white man who claims he shot the man because he feared for his life. This is the third incident using the white on black scenario. in 2012 Travon Martin a black teenager was shot and killed by George Zimmerman after confronting the teen for no apparent reason except for his skin color. Zimmerman was found not guilty because of this law. In 2012 another teen Jordan Davis was shot dead in his vehicle by Michael Dunn who complained that the music coming out of the SUV was too loud. There was a verbal altercation Dunn pulled out his 9mm pistol and fired 10 shots into the vehicle which was parked next to him. Dunn was found guilty of firing into an occupied vehicle and received a 60-year prison sentence.

Now we have the story out of Clearwater, Florida where a white man shot and killed a black man because he was shoved violently to the ground. The victim was trying to protect his girlfriend when he died in front of his kids. The shooter will not be prosecuted because of this law in Florida that lets people carry guns around anywhere they go. Florida has a concealed carry law on the books that certain people take advantage of. I remember the old “redneck” days when whites drove around in pick up trucks with a rifle hanging in the back window. This was to let blacks understand what their place was in Southern society. Shotguns have been replaced with legally concealed pistols. Nothing has changed except the way this enforcement is implemented by today’s standards. Some things in life never really change and we all suffer one way or the other. That, in my opinion, is we all collectively deserve.

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The thug life in the black communities of America continues because of a lack of education, and just the mindset that poverty makes criminal activity a viable alternative to the lack of access to the better things that money can buy. There are hundreds of thousands of Black men serving long terms in the American prison system because of being brainwashed into thinking that the criminal lifestyle and its fast money, cars, and women are the only real options to escape the reality of their lack of opportunity to achieve the so-called American dream.

In the 70’s the street gangs, the Crips and Bloods started in Los Angeles and slowly but surely moved across this country to the big urban cities such as Chicago, and New York. The results of this gang mentality increased the death and imprisonment of those young men who are supposed to be the future of Black America. The racism of America that people of color suffer from on a daily basis is a major factor when it came to getting the education opportunities that open doors to a better life. The thug life mentality is what has filled the prisons with Black men who also keep those who work in the criminal justice system gainfully employed.

They also see that maybe if they can be good at sports or maybe the entertainment industry you can use that route as a way out of poverty. The media love to show blacks in prisons as a way to make young Black men as dangerous to the point that they do not get employment in the private business sector..instead, most Blacks can only find opportunities working for the government city, state, and federal level and that is because of the laws that prohibit discrimination because of race, sex or disabilities.

It appears the Black man will never really get an even break in the land of the free and the home of the brave, and we as people are brainwashed to accept that fact as our paradigm.

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Gaza 2018

The suffering of the 2 million plus residents of The Gaza Strip which is seen by some as the largest open-air prison on earth continues unabated because of occupation by the military of the new Jewish state of Israel. The Arab citizens of Israel have now been downgraded to a second-class status under the new laws passed in the Knesset by the majority Jewish members. The suffering of the Jews in Europe under the Nazi occupation seems to be forgotten by those descendants of the victims of the Holocaust. The people who died of neglect and starvation in the Warsaw ghetto in Poland and other detention facilities located in areas under Nazi control were horrific, to say the least.

All commerce by land and sea has been cut because of the practice of the Palestinian protesters sending kites attached with devices to start fires in Israeli crops on the other side of the fences that divide the two people’s that call this land home. This is a means to control others through starvation and degradation of the quality of life in Gaza. Just as in WWII the world ignores the suffering of Palestinian people. No country with any authority especially the United States seems to care. This is evident by the order of the Trump administration to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this year during violent protests at the border.

The Middle East has been an area of turmoil for thousands of years with no end in sight. This shameful behavior by the descendants of those who suffered in the death camps of Hitler is not unusual at all. Man’s inhumanity to man is as old as the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Will we ever come to a point where we attempt to understand and respect those who we see as “different” not now, not ever because that is who we are and who we will always be as members of the human race.


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Days of Future Passed

There is a point in life where the future we all look forward to from birth is now a part of the past. Once we accept our own mortality at the point in time where the aging process begins to make us think about our “final expenses” and how we should make arrangements for the exit from the life we will all face whether we accept that reality or not. The media only promotes the lifestyles for those who have the responsibility of raising the future generations. That is the way it has always existed in the scheme of life.

The so-called senior citizen status that I have attained has not made me feel comfortable at all. I can get discounts that I would not be interested in in the first place because I survived to this point in the in the aging process. I see the elderly being warehoused in senior citizen housing facilities that are no better the nursing homes from the past that were places that were and still considered the end of the line for the elderly. Out of sight and out of mind puts us on the same level as those who are currently serving time in our prison systems. Some become prisoners of their thoughts. I now realize that I have reached the point in my life where my future has passed to another level of perception.

My future from this point forward is making sense of my past life and decisions that were made which put me in my current situation and will determine how I will live my life going forward. That is a fact of aging that we will all have to come to terms with sooner or later. Do not waste your life sentence on petty things should be the lesson we should all learn from living and hopefully learning from our finite time on this earth.

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Our day to day struggles to survive and make sense of the lives we lead and those relationships with family, friends that at some point become dysfunctional to use the psychiatric term. We all need to get along with not only others but most importantly with ourselves. At work, they want you to have the team mentality where the job is more important than the individual. One becomes an employee number and nothing more, there is no interest in what ideas you can offer to make improvements to the workplace environment. The suggestion box meant you had a least the feeling that your job was secure as long as you worked your assigned hours and not complain. Temporary workers are invisible to management because of that status of being “temps”

We now live in the age of employment agencies that are used as a shield to protect the employers from having to hire anyone directly to accomplish their goals. How many jobs are out there where you can work at the same company long enough to get retirement benefits? It appears that only employment for the government in the city, state and federal level offers that kind of job security. If you are not in that select group of individuals good luck with your future in the private job market that exists today.

Those who are now starting out in the world of work will have challenges unlike previous generations but just like those who came before who crossed oceans and mountain ranges to demonstrate the power of the human mind and spirit will overcome any obstacles to a better life. That belief has produced the world we now enjoy. The Millennials now have the task of making the world a better place than the one they were born into. Game on!!

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