The events in the middle east once again show just how the Jewish and Palestinian citizens of that holy city continue to agree to disagree when it comes to the religions of  Muslim, Christian, and Jewish inhabitants of that city that all claim as their own. When president Trump said that the United States will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it set off a firestorm of protests across the Moslem world.

The times we now live in and face in the coming years will bear out what we all know as biblical prophecy and in the book of Revelations. America has a symbiotic relationship with Israel that is a given. We will once again be drawn into a final conflict, not between good and evil but two different attitudes when it comes to our religious beliefs.

It always seems that around the time when those of us in the western world look at the middle east in a sanitized view as one would see on a Christmas card we get from others at this time of the year. In the part of the world where Christ was born, there is more uncertainty than ever about who will control this holy city. If ever there was a time for the second coming of Christ it is here for all to witness and endure. Lest we forget.

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For Once In My Life

The title of this blog is a song that Stevie Wonder wrote about a young man finding someone to love after a long period of unsatisfactory relationships. This is a love song but what is missing is the fact that if you are confident in who you are no one can truly make you feel inferior. Love of self is something that we all should think about on a daily basis.

The twenty-four clock cycle that has always dominated our time is always going forward. Mankind’s clock which starts at the time of conception is a countdown clock to the time of our inevitable demise. As I get older, and hopefully a little wiser I now look at the world as what you could call an old child. The world of today is fascinating when you think about how things were twenty years ago. I feel lucky to still be able to see the possibilities of how life will improve for all of mankind in future. Civilization has lasted for thousands of years. We cannot afford to drop the ball now. Everything depends on getting it right for future generations yet unborn. For once in my life I now understand my reason for being who I am.

That is the missing piece of the puzzle we call life that we must all find and build on.


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Enjoy Life

I have recently thought about my personal life experiences through the years. The one thing that I did not know or even considered was that life is about having a desire to enjoy our finite time on this journey we call life. There is a lot of misery that we all experience at certain times during this journey from birth to death. We are all given a certain time to either make the time we are given to use our intelligence to make our lives and for that matter all of the humanity that now share our life and times.

I used to think like a lot of other people who if I had this or that or the person of my dreams my life would be perfect and I could live happily ever after like a fairy tale. The reality is that to really enjoy life, and be what we consider to be happy it has to come from the inside to the outside. It has to be an inner joy that cannot be explained. Our time on this earth is very short indeed. Each day we live, and learn from others is a gift from God. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and not to wasted on petty things, Tomorrow is not promised to anyone

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A Broken World

As the world prepares for the holiday season and the new year that awaits us all it seems that society is unsure about what to do with the homeless, illegal immigration and the problems related to the stepped-up programs of deporting as many undocumented people as possible back to their home countries. There are now thousands of Haitian and African migrants now stuck at the border in Tijuana hoping to get a chance to live and work in the U.S.

America can no longer take in those who because of poverty, corruption, and  lack of education for those who risk their lives to come to the land of opportunity. Even the administration of Donald Trump who gave an executive order to deport anyone living in this country illegally for even the smallest infraction that brings them in contact with law enforcement and the court system.The problems of the world will always cause people to leave home in search of a better life somewhere else another town or even another country.

There will always be those who want what to be a part of America at any cost. Instead of building a wall that will not work we should be looking for ways to help people where they live now. If we do not find a solution this surge of humanity that is happening in other parts of the world there will be more than a few thousand people at the border with Mexico for the United States to contend with.

We have much to be thankful for but we must not forget if you are blessed you should be a blessing to others who are less fortunate.

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The word life means the time between birth and death. That is a fact that all of us who live and breathe at this point in time can understand. Whatever we do with the time we are given has, for the most part,  been a choice that of our personal preference. For most of us who are able to live the life of abundance that is known to exist in the United States. We must work hard and do the right thing in order to reap the benefits of the American dream.

On the other side of the coin, there is the criminal mentality that makes crime almost worth the time one would be in the criminal justice system. Fast money, expensive cars, and a tax-free income have always since the days of Al Capone made crime here an underworld lifestyle. In this country, there are mostly men of color being sentenced to long prison terms because of that mindset that the only way I can have anything of value is to break the law. Life can easily end up being in prison with no possible chance of parole.

Our life experiences will always be good bad, or ugly. What kind of life we want to experience has to come from within, and to truly accept who we are as individuals on this journey we call life. It is something we all need to contemplate from time to time.



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Riders On The Storm

This song title from the Doors LA Woman album I first listened to when I was in high school in Santa Barbara, California. This was a time of turmoil in our country because of the war in Vietnam, civil rights, women’s rights the list of what we wanted to be fixed or at least pay attention to was endless. The solutions to these problems of modern society are few and far between. We can look back on thousands of years of recorded human history, and we see great civilizations rise and crumble into the dust of time. The more you know only reveals a lack of knowledge about yourself and those who you come in contact with on a daily basis.

We all enter this life with a fear of two things: noise, and falling. All of our other fears are learned from family and people or events in our daily lives. What we are today is the culmination of all the major events, and how we have dealt with them in the past.

Life can at times be stormy, and chaotic and at times stressful. We must remember even after the worst storms of life there is always a brighter tomorrow on the horizon. All you need is a positive attitude to see the silver lining of those grey clouds of life.


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To be ignorant means that one has a lack of knowledge about a particular subject. We can all know a lot about a little but no one can say that they have the ability to know a little more about everything related to our modern society than the so-called average person. We are put on this earth with certain skills and abilities that very few of our peers can hope to achieve. The problem is trying to discover what is our purpose for being here at this point in time.

We can all contribute to the desire of all who live in this world as we know it.The modern society as we now know strives to make the world better for those future generations who will surely inherit both the accomplishments and the failures of this modern society which has tried with not much success to get beyond what we are as human beings. We are at the same time perfect, and the same time we make mistakes imperfect that fact is lost because most of us accept being ignorant versus accepting the truth that no one is perfect, and the same time we realize that we all make mistakes. There is a difference between being ignorant, and stupid. The choice is up to each one of us to get beyond stupid to ignorant and then move forward to accomplish our purpose for being here.

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