The Future

When we are young life is lived on very simple terms meaning that you want what you want when you want it. When a child has a temper tantrum they are thinking along those lines. Sometimes the tactic works most of the time it doesn’t with negative consequences. As we get older and learn from our parents and peers that there is a big world and you have to be prepared by going to school and becoming the educated members of society who for the most part are the wealth builders. Those who find themselves unable to continue higher education become lower-income workers who work hard and get nowhere.

My generation the so-called baby boomers are reaching the age of sixty-five at the rate of 30,000 people per day. This will go on for approx the next thirty years. Who will take of this generation? In-home health care can only be afforded by those with money saved or invested for their future. For those who don’t which will be most of us who work paycheck to paycheck, it’s not even an option. In the age of the internet and social media, we can all reach out to others like no other time in human history.

If one can find a niche there are plenty of opportunities for those will to not only look but also act. The recreational use of Marijuana will at some point in the future be legal in all fifty states. There are other uses for this plant such as medicine, rope, and clothing. The business side of this plant can produce an income for the future. Your financial future can start right here: The future awaits us all.

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There Is A Man

My life’s journey began in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This was during the Jim Crow era in the south. I lived in an all-black society until I moved to California. My memories of that time are that I never saw any black men who did not work and support their families even under the rampant racial practices of those times. We now fast forward to modern times I see young black men who should be the future of our people being sent to prison for crimes against society. Some leave behind kids who will grow up without that male role model who took care of family before themselves.

This message is going out to those young black men of today who can accept the title of ” my baby daddy.” Those choosing to ignore their offspring and leave it up to the taxpayers to pay their way too.  When the black man was treated the worst by our society he always kept some inner dignity no matter how low he had to stoop to survive and provide for the family. The task is much easier now but we have to remember that as men we all need to do the right thing.


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Food For Thought

We in America think about the food that we purchase at the supermarket as long as you have the ability to buy we do not worry about how that head of lettuce or a sirloin steak that we have for dinner. I have thought about what would happen if I could not go to the store when I want to and being comfortable with the fact that if I have money there is no problem. I point to the country of Venezuela which is going through a lack of food but also a currency that is totally worthless. It has gotten to the point of the average worker has to work for a month to earn enough to buy food for two days. The Socialist government who mostly depended on oil revenues that paid for 95% of the country’s bills. The price of oil plummeted and now the citizens are in dire straits, to say the least.

This the beginning of the breakdown of society as we now know it. When the food supply is threatened we become I would say less law-abiding. All of our fruits and vegetables are picked by the hands of people who do this work who are usually undocumented workers. Under the Trump administration, those who come to this country are being rounded up by ICE at a pace that is increasing every day. It seems that we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. The problem with those who will accept living in the shadows to keep our shopping experience tolerable will have to be resolved before it hits us where it really hurts in our bank accounts. If you are lucky enough to have one. The new world order is awaiting us all. I cannot say this enough. Knowledge is power.

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Mirror Man Mirror Me

Looking at oneself in the mirror is something we all do on a daily basis. If you are homeless you do not even need to look at yourself because as far as society is concerned you are invisible and no matter how bad things get they will only get worse in the future. There are people living in squalor in the richest city in California. Los Angeles the city of angels has now become a hell hole with people living in makeshift tents in the downtown area. I look at myself in the mirror and think At least I can see myself but lately I see worry about the future of the world we now live in. Another mass shooting in a Florida high school. The mass shooting at high schools began at Columbine many years ago.

I grew up in a Christian home and I read the Bible as a child would remember a verse to repeat when asked.  I remember people talking about the mark of the beast. There would be a time when the only way you could buy anything is your body had to have this symbol. In the country of Venezuela, the people have to have their fingerprints scanned to buy food in state-controlled grocery stores. The currency is practically worthless. 

I now understand what I see in the mirror. I believe we all understand that our world is broken and as it always has been. We all have to start with the desire to not only improve our physical body but also our minds. If you want to change the world begin with yourself.

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Magical Thinking versus Reality

I was first exposed to the term magical thinking when I worked in mental health back in the 80’s. I first connected it to mental illness because of my job at the time. This thought process is something we all go through every day of our lives from childhood forward. My first example that we can all understand is Santa Clause and the Christmas holiday season. As a child, I really believed that this person existed even though the reality that any present that I might get was not delivered by jolly old Santa. Somebody besides the elves had to go to work to earn the money for that gift. I waited up all night on Christmas eve and there was no Santa to be seen. Reality finally sets in.

There are millions of people living in this country who are not legal citizens. Some have lived here for decades with no problems.They have families and businesses and a true love for a country that has given them the chance to achieve everything that they could not have back home. A sense of self-worth.  They say I did not come to this country to commit criminal activities but the fact that one is living here as an undocumented person is lost to the magical thinking belief of I am not a criminal so what is the problem?. Donald Trump has put a new look at those who now are forced to live in the shadows of our society once again or risk deportation to at least south of the border.

Sometimes what we want that is beyond our access will only found in our dreams or magical thinking. Sometimes that is all one has left. Reality be damned.


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All of my life I have been around people who smoked cigarettes or cigars in the south consumption included snuff and chewing tobacco. The adults that I observed seemed to like the habit.  I also remember that you could buy a four pack of candy cigarettes when you wanted to act like a grownup. The Flintstone cartoon show in the sixties used to have Fred and Barney puffing on a Winston cigarette. Millions of baby boomers grew up believing that other than the smell you could smoke almost anywhere. There were smoking sections on airplanes and buses. The big tobacco companies wanted to keep you as a satisfied customer for as long as humanly possible.

Then when scientists found out that there was a link between smoking and lung cancer the long slide from being a popular product to being a pariah. Banned in all of the familiar places which was everywhere that people socialized. The only people who keep them in business now are the hardcore smokers who are willing to pay almost ten dollars a pack. Something drastic had to be done. The genius of technology solved the problem by coming up with the electronic cigarette. This device vaporizes the chemicals inside as you breathe them into your lungs. The problem is that these chemicals irritate the lining of the throat and lungs. There are no warnings to those who choose to use this product. When it comes to our health knowledge about what is going into our bodies is essential.

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Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been used by humans for at least 5000 years. The first recorded use of the drug was in China. It is well-known that the best strains come from the far east. Hemp was used mostly for rope on sailing ships. The stock of the plant was used for that purpose. Although the plant is mostly seen as a drug to “get you high” in western culture it is now being used as a medicine to treat nausea, stress, lack of appetite etc. Modern medicine has now recognized the true value of this plant and the many ways it can be used to alleviate both the mental and physical conditions we all face at some point in life. This is also an opportunity for those who would consider the possibility of having their own online business. There is no cost whatsoever to get started.

I am now promoting a website for a company that produces health and wellness products made from the hemp plant. The link is  

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