Trump’s Tower Of Babble

This president’s struggle to maintain the current status of his administration which is under constant attack from the Democrats for more information about his contacts with leader of Russia after becoming president. Thirty-seven is the number of people who are now under investigation or on their way to prison for involvement with this man is testimony to the power of corruption in Washington politics and those who are elected to serve the American people. The desire for more power in the Oval Office is nothing new here. In the early 1900’s barely contained by the constitutional limits of his executive powers, Teddy Roosevelt boasted he “caused to be done many things not previously done by the President,” This president’s call for a national emergency to get around Congress to obtain funds for his border wall is just a modern version of that attitude.

It seems that history does at some point does repeat itself when it come to the mind of man. The stories about Ivanka using her status to promote her private business’s while doing government work, and her husband Jared using an Instagram app to conduct Government work is another point to worry about when we think about those in power in the White House. No collusion with the Russians is the mantra from the president from day one of the Mueller investigation, the talking points will continue from all concerned until the truth comes out or is buried by litigation in the courts.

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White Man’s Burden II

The events in New Zealand once again shows the desperation of the white man in the modern world where he is losing his sense of security because of a decline in a feeling of racial superiority that has existed for centuries. The British, French, and the Spanish explorers only wanted to exploit in any way possible those who they considered inferior races for anything that would add to the coffers of their individual empires. The shoe is now on the other foot so to speak. The times we are allocated to live in are precarious to say the least. There is no fear of a world war to worry about anymore it seems our problems in this internet age is our thoughts and how we project them to the world stage we are given as individuals. The freedom of knowledge which has been suppressed through most of the history of mankind is now available to the masses who now want their fair share of life’s pleasures.

The paradigm of exploitation of the inferiors has now come back to to the exploiters. Europe has had to deal with a surge of immigrants from former colonies seeking a better life. These are people of color who look different and act different in the way they live their lives. Most of the mass shootings that have occurred in recent times have been white men angry about their perceived feelings of a loss of white privilege that will continue as the world we live in becomes more diversified every day.

Every great civilization that existed in the past eventually collapsed at some point in time, this situation is no different except for the fact is our collapse would be the shortest in human history. To give up a feeling of entitlement is difficult to say the least but that is what is happening in our world. The scandal about the rich paying for their kids who are for the most part white to get into prominent universities without having to actually do anything for the privilege. With individual 1 as a mentor for the angry masses of white men the future of our world is uncertain to say the least.

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Food Insecurity

The average American consumes around 2000 pounds of food per year while those in third world countries are lucky to see one-tenth of that amount in their dietary intake. This imbalance of access to our planet resources has started to put a strain on the food producing industry that has to grow more in a shorter period of time than mother nature, Genetically engineered food is now common as developing nations now want more choices in food that they eat. The food is larger but with far less nutrients of organically grown food. As more and more people leave the rural life for the big cities around the globe they become totally dependent on the current food production system. If there was a run on grocery stores no matter where we live there would be s shortage of food within hours.

It is said that we are nine meals from being rational human beings to basic thoughts of survival of the fittest. Most of us will not last very long in a situation of starvation on a daily basis. One can buy pre-packaged food with a shelf life of at least twenty-five years. The only problem with that is storing those emergency rations. Growing at least some of our own food is something from the past that is now coming back for those with the land needed. There has to be some changes in the way the food we eat is rationed out in the future or things will get ugly in those future food lines.

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An American Spectacle

The public testimony of Michael Cohen who will spend years in prison for lying to Congress about his job as a personal lawyer to the president of the United States. The president was called a racist, a liar and a crook at the same time he was on the other side of the world trying to reach a deal with the leader of North Korea on the subject of nuclear weapons in its arsenal. That meeting went nowhere for Trump.

The Democrats are now actively looking into the president’s family business dealings since he has been in office. The Russian situation has yet to be revealed to the public. We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Trump needs a major distraction from his problems as soon as possible. The problems of the people of Venezuela are now being discussed even to the point of potentially sending American troops to that country. The oil reserves are another reason both Russia and China are invested in our global backyard. Americans always stick by the president in a time of war or crisis.

Once again our democratic model is being put to the test on the world stage for all to see and judge. The events leading up to the 2020 elections will surely be a spectacle to behold.

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I Am Not a Crook

That statement by then President Nixon was seen by those who opposed his administration and its handling of the war in Vietnam among other things in the times of that era that were turbulent, to say the least. Mr. Nixon was caught in a lie related to recordings he had made secretly of those who spoke to him in the Oval Office. President Nixon did not hide his contempt for the media as his lies were made public.

Our current president appears to have the same difficulties as “Tricky Dick” as Nixon was labeled by the press as his presidency was collapsing around him. He resigned and went home to California in disgrace.

Our current leader also speaks constantly of his contempt for the “lying media” who likewise have no love for his administration. The president declared a national emergency in order to bypass the Congress in order to obtain funds for his wall at the border, he then left for some time off to relax in Florida. Where is the emergency? This is a power grab that will change the way we look at presidential control of the powers granted to Congress. The power of the purse. When we look at what Nixon went through and the similarities with Trump I can only say the date on the calendar is the only real change here.

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“I Didn’t Need To Do This”

The president used the power of his office to call for a national emergency because the Democrats would not give the requested funds to build his border wall. This action would give him access to almost seven billion dollars in funds from other branches especially the military which would be hit the hardest by the loss of funding. Mr. Trump then stated that he did not think the military budget was that important compared to his wall.

Although there is no guarantee that this money will be available anytime soon because of legal opposition to this act by our president to appease his base supporters. The talking heads in the media all agreed that this is a bad precedent for those who will occupy the oval office in the future. The so-called crisis at the border does not exist except for those thousands of migrants either waiting for months for a chance to apply for asylum or who just jump the fence and turn themselves into the border patrol in an attempt to fast forward the process.

Today is an important day in the history of our government that we may not feel the impact of the president’s action right away but it will change our view of those we choose to lead going forward in this experiment we call democracy. The Russian involvement in our elections and the investigations related to them cannot be ruled out in this distraction at our southern border.

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Something Has To Give

The president said he would go along with the Democrats and sign a bill to prevent another government shutdown but he also stated he will declare a national emergency because of events along the border with Mexico. This is once again is a move to deflect the American people away from the investigation of his cronies and their convoluted relationships with the Russians and his family business dealings with them.

Mexico will not pay for the wall as the president stated emphatically that they would, he has accepted far less funding for the wall that he first demanded at the beginning of this political debacle. Our national debt has reached twenty-two trillion dollars which at the current rate we will in the future spend 95% of our GDP on interest on the debt that will never be paid by future generations who will feel the pain of our economic failures.

The wall is not the problem for the Trump administration it is just a distraction from the reality of running the world and his family financial opportunities that may or may not have been exploited in the name of the Trump brand. The border issue is nothing but a distraction from what is coming. The potential downfall of a president of the United States. That is the real and not fake news that we have been exposed to on a daily basis. This president, in my opinion, is in it only for the money and prestige that comes with the office. A wall on the border will end up like the one in China. A tourist attraction for future generations.

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