Anchor Babies

The Trump administration has a new way to go after not only those who are in the country illegally but now children born in this country are not entitled to automatic citizenship. This law may not affect those who already have birth certificates but if it is supported by the Supreme Court things will be a lot different in the future. This addition to the 14th amendment is written in its entirety. The author is Senator Jacob Howard (R-MI) on May 30, 1866.

“Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by natural law and national law a is a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States, who are foreigners, aliens who belong to the families of Ambassadors of foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, But will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt. As to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country.”

This is something that should not be ignored by those affected by immigration hurdles that try to block a path to citizenship. But it is the law.



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The time between conception and death is a process we call a lifetime. What one does with the “gift” of life is a choice we all have to make at some point in our development from childhood to adult members of society. We are not given a choice of where we are born or who our parents will be. Is luck that some are born into extreme wealth while others live in extreme poverty. It does not matter which lifestyle one lives the desire to live is equally ingrained. The rich live to be able to enjoy their wealth while the poor have to spend most of their day trying to find the basics of daily life to survive. The shooting at a high school in Texas this week shows the fragility of life that we all face on a daily basis. We now have kids using guns to commit mass murder of their peers at school.

America’s gun culture continues unabated we hear about shootings of innocents who are just beginning their lives. There is a disrespect for human life that cannot be explained by those who we call our leaders in WashingtonD.C. We are a nation of laws but we are now also seen by the rest of the world as a nation in decline due to a lack of respect for basic human life by our kids. We need to do better than this as a society.

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There has always existed a thing we call culture. It is what defines a particular group of people as being unique from all others. It is something to be proud of to the point that it is passed on from one generation to another. Our world is a diverse place where those who have an understanding of themselves have the opportunity to at least try to learn about those who look and act differently than ourselves. The modern world was built by those individuals who were able to get out of their comfort zone and take the time to learn about the differences and similarities that we all possess as members of the human race. America is a patchwork of different cultures whether it be Hispanic, Asian, European Etc.

Afro-American society has always had identity problems due to an of a lack of knowledge about those who came to this country in the bowels of slave ships and the history of the African homeland that had to be erased by those who profited from the slave trade. Christianity and the belief that no matter how bad things were in life for the slaves they would get a reward in Heaven to make up for their misery in this life.   There was a brief period in the 70’s when we tried to adopt some things African such a clothing, jewelry, hairstyles and so on. This “fad” soon lost its appeal in the Black community. Then came Alex Haley’s book “Roots” where he wrote about tracing his family’s history of slavery in this country back to his native village in Africa. There was even a special series on television about his book. In this country, there is no culture model for black Americans to focus on as a group.

There is the fact that many inventions that we use today came from the minds of Afro-Americans. Mark Dean has three of the nine original patents for the IBM computer, Dr. Charles Drew discovered the process to remove plasma from blood. The accomplishments of those who came before have never truly received the honor they deserve by our society. To know where you are going you first need to know where you came from. That is the lesson of history we all need to remember.

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The census of 2020 will for the first time add a question that has not been asked since 1950. Are you a citizen of the United States? With the increase in immigration raids by ICE under the Trump administration this appears to be another tool that will cause stress and uncertainty in the immigrant communities across the country. The state of California with the largest population of undocumented people will be hit hardest when it comes to Federal-aid related to population totals. This one question has the potential to make millions of people both invisible and targets of deportation at the same time. The president has made statements to his base that he would like to be able to serve three terms in office. It seems that his agenda to MAGA will take a lot longer to implement fully with just the standard two terms of his predecessors.
America was first built on the backs of those who had no choice about how they got here. The slave trade supplied those first immigrants. Once the groundwork was done the country then began to flourish because of the labor of immigrants from all parts of the globe. The problem for those who seek citizenship there are many barriers set up by the government to prevent citizenship status. The coming census will cause problems for those who are not aware of one question. Are you a citizen of the United States?

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The situation in Gaza that is coming to the attention of the world community consists of high unemployment, their source of drinking water is 97% contaminated, the area is considered an open-air prison that the state of Israel has control over to the point if one tries to leave the military and police forces will use deadly force if necessary to enforce the policy of isolation of the Palestinians living in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank which are governed by the radical group Hamas in Gaza and the so-called legitimate government  authority isolated in the West Bank. The United States relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has added fuel to the fire of discontent that is being stoked by the actions of Israel and America that totally ignore the plight of the Palestinian people living in refugee camps for the last 70 years.

Discrimination of any kind is a lofty goal that mankind has never been able to really to eliminate through centuries of human history. The Jewish people know better than any other ethnic group what it means to have it all and not have anything because of religious and racial beliefs. The treatment of people such as those from North Africa who are being discriminated against as they seek asylum in Israel. The inability to find a solution to the problem of Jerusalem and the Palestinians have now come to the forefront of the world community. The time to produce an agreement for the future of those diverse people’s who call the Middle East home is rapidly running out. The future of mankind depends on the outcome of this event.

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. It also marks for the Palestinian people living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip the continuation of the event they refer to it as “the catastrophe” because of the disruption of the quality of life of the people living there. In the Gaza Strip, the tap water is undrinkable electricity is on for 2 hours a day, unemployment is near 50%. Very few can leave because of a blockade by both Israel and Egypt that make their home a virtual prison. No one can enter Israel and Egypt allows passage 3 days a month. Over 100 Palestinians have died protesting the president’s order to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Approximately 60 were killed yesterday and over 2000 injured by gunfire from the military across the border fence.

The Palestinian people have suffered greatly because of the existence of Israel and for the most part, the world has ignored their plight even their Arab brothers who are well aware of the situation that only brings anger and despair to those who are refugees in their own land and refuse to get involved in trying to fix a problem that is guaranteed to get worse moving forward. Moving our embassy will set off a chain of events in the Middle East that could be viewed as Biblical in scope. The Arab world will be watching with much concern about these new developments on the world stage as well they should.

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A Symbiotic Relationship

America has moved its embassy to Jerusalem with the overwhelming approval from the Israeli government. This event has the Arab world outraged with demonstrations against the two countries. The death toll for the Palestinians is over 50. Those that were injured reached at least 1500. While the media showed Ivanka and Jared smiling about this historic event while those who are opposed to it were being shot dead by Israeli military forces. The Trump administration has said to the countries of the Middle East that we now have a hands-off position with the Arab world especially Iran, and a connection with Israel that will not be broken no matter what the consequences.

The future of the Middle East has forever changed today. What will happen in the coming months and years will determine how our world will look in the future. The question of what will happen to the Palestinian people will be a major factor to be resolved in order to have any kind of peace in that unstable part of the world. Today’s action will be the signal to the Arab world that the Jewish and American coalition will from this point on be symbiotic. The Palestinians will continue to be ignored and disrespected without any inclusion in this phase of the new world order. This was not a good day for the world.

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