Days of Future Passed

The old train is now the reality of my generation.


There is a point in life where the future we all look forward to from birth is now a part of the past. Once we accept our own mortality at the point in time where the aging process begins to make us think about our “final expenses” and how we should make arrangements for the exit from the life we will all face whether we accept that reality or not. The media only promotes the lifestyles for those who have the responsibility of raising the future generations. That is the way it has always existed in the scheme of life.

The so-called senior citizen status that I have attained has not made me feel comfortable at all. I can get discounts that I would not be interested in in the first place because I survived to this point in the in the aging process. I see the elderly being warehoused…

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Women And Minorities

When I think about the title of this blog I have to remember that I first heard this term over fifty years ago during the civil rights era of the 60’s. It seemed that anything that had to do with the subject of the rights of people of color had a symbiotic relationship to the white woman and her struggle to gain equality in a white male based society. The rights of women continue today when it comes to the right to have an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. In the state of Alabama the female Governor signed into law that a woman can no longer get a legal abortion no matter what the cause of the pregnancy except for extreme medical reasons.

The majority of the legislators who voted for this bill were white men who like most men no matter what their color or beliefs feel a need to control the females of our species’s minds and bodies as much as humanly possible. The history of mankind has always been about the empowerment and the domination of male ego over other men and women in general.

Even though this term is not used anymore by the media the mindset of those who are in leadership roles for the most part, white males still want to cling to power even at the expense of a woman’s right to control her reproductive rights. The struggle continues.

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Winds Of War 2019

The escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran during our presidential election cycle is a gift to president Trump going forward. News reports of the Pentagon preparing to send an additional 120,000 troops to the area along with an Aircraft carrier group already in place as a deterrent to the Iranians. Iran recently stated that they consider all American troops to be terrorists. If American troops become involved in a combat situation whether in the middle east or even the situation in Venezuela the American people will rally behind the president as they have always done in the past.

This would make all of those who are currently campaigning to replace him practically mute on the national stage. World events will be on the front burner for the president to finally pay attention to or ignore if he so chooses. The investigation of the Russians involvement in his election has gone nowhere after two years of media coverage against him.

Congress’s desire to take down the president has not gone unnoticed by our enemies as they would use this distraction to move forward with their own agendas on the world stage. America’s internal problems must be balanced along with the responsibility of being a world power if we are to survive a society.

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Just Start



I found this short article for those who are interested in starting their own business a good place to mentally start the process.

The entrepreneurial spirit is marked action-followed by mistakes and failure-then, more action. But starting is the hardest part. Too many of us are waiting to start. Waiting for permission from our boss, or for the weather to clear up or the economy to boom. Just start. There are no secret handshakes or special instructions. No one is standing in your way but you. You choose to be notorious. You choose to be the hero of your own life. Start and don’t stop-momentum is your friend. Just start.

James Victore

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This means anything we truly want to achieve we must first get over the thought process of if I fail I will not try again. Just do…

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Ice Age

Now we are engaged in a trade war with China which will cause a hit to our collective pocketbooks in the near future that will hurt.


The Trump administration continues with its stated goal of arresting and deporting all of those in this country illegally. The so-called “Bad Hombres” that are supposed to be on the short list for deportation those with criminal backgrounds are joined by anyone who crossed the border illegally no matter how long ago that the incident occurred in the past. To add more misery to the undocumented the government said that parents will be separated from their children at the border, and the adults will be sent to federal prisons until their individual cases can be processed through the immigration courts who are already burdened with a backlog of cases that will take years to resolve.

The farmers and businesses that depend on the labor of the undocumented workers are now struggling to find replacements for those who stopped working out of fear of arrest and deportation. This will cause a…

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Army Times

We are a nation of immigrants. Lest we forget.


I am for reasons I cannot explain to myself, find myself having memories of my time in the US Army. I was young just out of high school with no real plan for the future. There was the war in Vietnam that was on the news constantly, and the unrest on colleges across America. I joined the Army in 1972. That was an action that changed my world overnight. All of the sudden I had to get used to being around draftees from all over America, and people who were from other countries who were putting their lives on the line for the chance to become citizens of the United States.

Veterans from the Vietnam era waited decades for their fellow citizens to finally say “thank you for your service”..I only say this because of the ban on people from the middle east makes no sense when we have troops…

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Deportation Nation

MAGA continues unabated in 2019.


The promises made by president Trump are being carried out by ICE agents all across the United States continue the tear apart the families of those left behind. There is little that can be done for those individuals sitting in deportation centers waiting for that final flight back to their home countries. We who are lucky enough to be born here cannot begin to understand the fear and dread of even opening the front door or being pulled over for a traffic violation.

There appears to be little that we as citizens are willing to do to stop this sad state of affairs. The president has only been in office less than 100 days but has been signing executive orders on a daily basis. Of all the things he promised to get done such as more jobs for those who want to work, or building that wall on the border. All are on…

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