The Midnight Sun

The earth is getting hotter because of human activity. That is a fact that is being ignored to the peril of future generations. An episode of the Twilight Zone told a story of the earth moving closer and closer to the sun and how those who were alive waited for their inevitable fiery demise. The world we now inhabit is starting to show signs of getting hotter faster than any time in recorded history. Scientist’s now say within this century the water levels of the oceans will rise to over 3 feet because of the melting ice caps in Antarctica.

As the populations of our planet increases over time the earth will feel like its moving towards the sun. There will be two professions that will be able to exploit the coming disaster. Those in the construction industry who can build sea walls to protect cities when possible, and those who will service the air conditioners that will keep us cool. Saudi Arabia has shown you can have a man-made oasis even in the desert

That future can be postponed if we all remember the future belongs to the young and those yet unborn. Remember to pass it forward when it comes to mother earth.

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The Bahamas

The destruction that we watch on our media devices do not come close to revealing the totality of this disaster on fellow human beings and what it says about us as individuals. As a child I remember commercials on the television which stated ” Life is better in the Bahamas.” This place in which black people are the majority seemed like a dream to me. In the sixties in Jacksonville blacks had to travel at least twenty miles out of town to the “colored beaches” set aside for them because they were not allowed to touch the ocean in Jacksonville. That was the reality of the time that we accepted as normal.

Life in the Bahamas for those who survived hurricane Dorian will never be the same again. I wonder where all that rubble of destroyed homes and businesses will go they cannot bury it on the islands because of limited space and who will pay the cost of removing it by ship and bring new building materials by the same ships. The costs will be staggering for a nation that depended on tourism for its livelihood.

This is a event that will define who we are as a so-called global community. The question that we need to answer is: Am I my brothers keeper.? It is something to contemplate when we have the time.

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The Walking Dead

There is a article in today’s LA Times about the deaths of the homeless on the streets of skid row.They say at least three deaths occur daily with little notice by the general public or our elected officials. When we die we are buried away from the living. The living dead of the mentally ill and those who for a myriad of reasons find themselves living on the streets and back alleys of America with no way out of the misery of their daily lives are on the same level of those who are dead and buried, and at some point in time forgotten from the memory of man.

The homeless become invisible in the minds of those who are productive members of society or most importantly willing and able to work for a living because that is what improves our individual financial situations.Those who for whatever reasons they choose to live on the streets of America are like the dead and buried we acknowledge them for a short period of time and then move on with our own personal lives. Society tends to look at the homeless with drug or mental issues like the walking dead. In our minds we no longer see them as people who for a variety of reasons have fallen through the cracks with no way out.

We should as a civilized society should not ignore what is in our faces when it comes to the walking dead that we see with our own eyes. Each one of us could wind up in the same situation. How would you expect to be treated.?

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Shooting Gallery

Once again American citizens have been targets of an angry white man. The first mass shooting occurred in 1949 when a navy veteran walked through his neighborhood shot and killed 12 of his neighbors. There have three mass shootings recently the last one yesterday. Homeless people are becoming the norm in in our cities both big and small to the point that most people ignore them. In Los Angeles they are camped around the city hall building in one of the richest cities in California. L.A. now looks like a third world country in some places. This decline is enough to make anyone angry.

The president says it’s because of mental illness that we are all becoming targets in public places. The reality here is that there is nothing that can be done by authorities to protect people from harm once they leave home. When law enforcement started wearing bullet proof vests that to me was sign of things to come. In subtle ways society is changing from a white controlled model to one where other races are being included. Women and minorities are no longer fearful of the white man. The world where he was king is slipping away every day and that makes us all targets from now own.

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The Chosen One

Is history repeating itself with our elected leader who now sounds like Adolf Hitler when he began his rise to power. Hitler wanted to be known as the leader of Germany and what ever he wanted to happen would just because his words were the law that had to be accepted by the masses period.

The leaders that our president admires on the world stage are not what one would consider role models. Kim Jun Un, Vladimir Putin, and Duerte in the Philippines. Those are Mr. Trump’s role model as a world leader. The way he should act on the world stage. There is no one explain the president’s statements about how those who are caught up in this mess we call Immigration to thinking he is the best thing our country has had for leadership since George Washington.

Donald Trump will test the country’s view of itself on the world stage for the foreseeable future. He is the “Chosen One” that many of our citizens have been waiting for. Trump represents the attitude of America where you either like it or leave it. The only people who are leaving are being forced out no matter what family or business ties to our country. That is our new paradigm.

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Sixty Thousand And Counting

Trump never even
thought about this level is misery in Barak’s neighborhood.


Today’s edition of the LA Times top story was about the growing number of people now living anywhere the can find a spot in parks, the beaches, under freeway underpasses, on the sidewalks of the City Of Angels. The homeless throw their garbage in alleys and on the curbs which attracts rats and other health related problems for those who have businesses in the downtown area they are now losing money because of people living on the sidewalks outside of their collective doors.

Los Angeles County has spent over 600 million dollars in the last fiscal year yet the homeless population has increased by 12% in the same period of time. For that period of time the city did find housing for 20,000 people. Poverty has always existed throughout human history because wealth makes no sense without the poor to exploit to maintain that wealth. Those who no longer can…

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Our Times

There are two fears we are all born with one is the fear of falling, and the other is the fear of loud noises. People are being conditioned to literally run for their lives when in public places they hear any loud noise. In New York city yesterday there was a video of hundreds of people fleeing Times Square after there was a backfire from a motorcycle nearby. The times we now live in are dangerous because of the attitude of those who were elected at least act like they care about their fellow citizens.

There is a feeling of white entitlement being threatened because of the large numbers of non-whites seeking asylum in the United States. Then you have ICE trying to arrest and deport anyone who is not a legal resident. We now have paranoia on one side of the border, frustration and disappointment on the other.

The president now has to face the results of his twitter storm about people of color without his adoring supporters to back him up. This is another example of him being able to completely mute the voices of those who are currently on the campaign trail hoping to replace him in the oval office. The situation in the middle east will not be resolved anytime soon,, The Russians are always in the background as their economy flounders. The stage is set for the new world order to be set up by the governments of the world. Film at eleven.

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