Africans in Europe

Europe has for the first time in its long history has to face large numbers of people from Africa. Since the beginning of the mass departure of Syrians seeking relief from the continuing carnage in that part of the world. Africans are now making that perilous journey in hopes of finding a better life in Europe.The continent of Africa has been plundered by European society for centuries to fill their treasuries. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Africa for the most part is a third world country due to the lack of concern about the people by those who colonized them. I have often wondered why African societies look they way they do in some places like the did a hundred years ago. The technology of the modern world is out of reach for most people.

European countries that are most impacted by African immigrants are now building fences on their borders to slow down the migrants progress. Reality is setting in for those who risked their lives to have a better life in a far away land. People of color are not usually welcomed in those lands except to be exploited. America’s history of slavery is a prime example of that attitude. The one truth about life is that change is constant whether we like it or not. Africa was exploited by Europeans and now they have to find a way to help their fellow human beings who are the ancestors of those who gave them their collective wealth. It is not only the right thing to do it is their duty.

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There are two distinct parts of the mind that guides our journey through life the conscious and subconscious minds. What is learned through the conscious mind is stored in the subconscious which never forgets any memory of events in our lives. We are able to make ourselves forget the negative events of life as needed. There are times when a sight, sound, or even a smell will bring back memories both good and bad. Our life experiences are never forgotten. By using subliminal messages to the brain people can be made to accept whatever is being promoted by the government or businesses by using either visual or vocal sights and sounds to change one’s behavior without those being  targeted being aware of what is going on.

I you think of cola where does the mind go? Coca Cola. Chicken? Kentucky Fried Chicken of course. Hamburgers? The top of the list is of course McDonald’s. What we choose to like or dislike  is usually left up to someone who has found a way to change our behavior. That is the secret that makes mass marketing to the public profitable. The more you know the more you grow because knowledge is  the key to a life of happiness, and abundance.

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To be loved, respected by those who we consider to be important to us is a goal we sometimes seek or depending on our mental attitude about how as an individuals we feel about ourselves. If a person is asked if they could have anything they wanted out of life what would it be.? A nice house, to be financially secure, to find the love of our lives that is something we can all agree on as important goals to achieve as we move forward in life.

But there is one feeling that only a few ever experience during our time on Earth. That feeling is being seen as a unique person. Someone with skills or talents that soar make them stand out among the billions of souls that inhabit this planet. Those are the people who are considered to be gifted or “Special.”  I have contemplated the word, and I tried to make sense of  a title that gives much to the few who have been given the opportunity to experience it’s power. There is a way to see ourselves and the way we interact with the real world. That is to see ourselves as special. We are unique as our fingerprints. There has been no one exactly like me. I am a gift of God who made all of his children “Special.” We should all have this mindset for it gives us to power to accomplish any goal in life that we seek.

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Trust. is the title of a series on the Fox network about the kidnapping of the grandson of the oil billionaire J. Paul Getty in Italy.  The basic plot of the story is Getty’s grandson owed money to Italian drug dealers that he could not pay. He came up with a plan to say he was kidnapped and a multi-million ransom had to be paid for his release. Getty refused, and things went downhill for Getty III. The reason I mention that story is because what is happening in Washington D.C.

Trumped trusted Comey, Cohen, and Stormy to keep his down-low behavior private and personal. His hope of trust of three people has become a major concern in his ability to govern. As president he has to be seen as a competent world leader at least by his base of supporters. They have to be concerned about what is reported about his past behavior. I have always heard the saying “lawyers and used car salesmen can’t be trusted.” The trust we expect from others at times can be fleeting. We will all see what type of trust that the president can expect from his inner circle as this story plays out on the world stage.

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I Am Not A Crook

Those who watched the Watergate scandal surrounding Richard M Nixon should be having feelings of deja vu. The whole country was fascinated about what the president tried to cover up during his term in office that was considered illegal. When he was asked about his part in the break in at the Democratic party headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington. Nixon stated ” I am not a crook.” Nixon was later proved to be a liar and resigned from the highest office in the land in disgrace. Will this same fate befall the president.? It’s starting to look that way now that his lawyer is being criminally investigated by the justice department.

Sean Hannity the talk show host on Fox news has been linked to Michael Cohen and is now trying to distance himself from Cohen. The whole drama that is the Trump White House is now dragging his supporters through the mud with him. There are legal pundits who now say that Trump should leave office. It is possible that Cohen will go to jail and be ruined as a lawyer. If that happens he could turn on the president to save his own hide. The American people once again will have to watch a president fall from grace. We deserve better than this.

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There are news reports coming out of the middle east about thousands of new refugees at the Turkish and Iranian borders preparing to flee the continuing violence in Syria. There is the use of chlorine gas on the people of Douma, Syria. The president of France told the world not so long ago that the use of chemical agents against civilians is a red line for the French government. President Trump said there might or might not be a military response from the U.S. Israel has already attacked a military base in Syria last month. The Russian government said that any military action against their ally would be seen an act of war. Once again there is a chance for the world to go into a prolonged period of uncertainty Shutting down of the power grid of our country by hackers will do more damage to us than fighting on the battlefield. There is no way to prepare for that kind of activity.

The president does not have much wiggle room to get out of his talk of military action. Once your start talking tough on the world stage at some point you will have to back up what was said. War by proxy will not work for the U.S. Our military will have the power but does the president have the will. That is the question of the day.



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A lie is on the same level as an excuse, it only satisfies the person that is giving it.  We all tell lies to cover up our imperfections as human beings. Nobody wants to be caught up in a lie is something we all can understand but the fact is that we all begin by first lying to ourselves then it becomes easier to lie to others. One lie builds upon another until you can’t remember what the truth was in the first place. I cannot say that one can go through life telling the truth about how you really feel about the many situations we sometimes have to endure to keep the peace. Our decisions in life all come with consequences that is the constant of life itself.

God gives us the ability to know right from wrong  when most adults think we are children who cannot understand  the reasons why those who they care are upset to the point they lose control of their emotions. The truth is that every event no matter how small is always recorded in our Subconscious mind.  The Subconscious never forgets. Sometimes a well-meaning lie will give you hope for the future.  We have all been lied to that is a part of life.  how we respond is the true test of our character. Tell me a good lie so I don’t have to think about the truth. We can all understand that tactic.  Continue reading

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