American Spectacle II

Now that the 400 page Mueller Report has been released to the public the Trump White House is under constant attack by those he once called the “lying media” and those who put out “fake news” reports about his administration’s activities over the past two years. To be an associate of this president is being seen as an enabler of the decline of our Democracy on the world stage. Kim Jung Um, Vladimir Putin who the president says he believes their statements of cooperation about nuclear weapons issues can now continue with things being business as usual in regard to the United States interfering with their goals.

The president no longer is talking about his border wall even though the numbers of people being detained by the Border Patrol has reached over 100,000 per month. Immigration which was to be used as a rallying point in the upcoming 2020 elections is now on the back burner of importance to this administration. This story will define our country on the world stage for the foreseeable future.

The term “impeachment” is now being floated around in the media in regards to the president this would not be a good thing for a politically divided populace especially during an election, but if it happens it would be a sure sign that when the truth finally comes out we all will share a feeling of national disappointment for the leader of the free world.

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The Notre-Dame cathedral which caught fire yesterday and burned for at least eight hours before first res-ponders were able to putout the flames. This fire destroyed more than just relics from the past as this building which construction took over two centuries from start to finish is over 850 years old and is a link to our collective past as citizens of the world. This may be a sign from our creator to remind us that we are drifting away from the moral center that has for the most part kept society in check until the arrival of the Computer and the Internet which gave all immediate access to all of the knowledge that has been suppressed from the masses for centuries. The church has become marginalized from its role as the teacher of morality, and that is a problem that need’s immediate attention by its leadership. The Catholic Church continues to have problems with priests who have molested children in the name of God. It has also paid out millions of Dollars in settlements to those who were victimized by priests People understand the meanings of signs in relationship to how society responds to them. This could be the churches 9-11, and a wake-up call for all mankind to pay attention to or suffer the consequences of our collective behaviors. There is a message here that cannot be ignored.

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The president continues to cause uncertainty in our country by making threats to shut down the southern border with Mexico despite the economic losses to both countries. As leader of the free world he has supported the Israeli Government annexing the Golan Heights and now his friend Bibi Netanyahu who is under investigation for corruption says if he is re-elected he will annex 60% of the West Bank land now occupied illegally by Israeli settlers, and he is detaining thousands of African asylum seekers who he refers to as “Infiltrators” who need to be deported as soon as humanly possible. These racial intolerant people are what we have as leadership on the world stage, and lets not forget the problems of Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro worthless currency, power outages, limited access to food,people leaving by the thousands to find a better life elsewhere.

He appears to be setting up a administration of yes people who will defend everything he says no matter how insensitive to others it may be. The world has seen this type of behavior before and did nothing to stop it with dire consequences for all involved. once again we will not learn from past mistakes. It seems that anyone who comes into the orbit of Donald Trump will end up like a moth drawn to a flame. They will get burned. It has been proven that our president has told thousands of lies since taking office two years ago. The problem we will have in the future is when he starts telling the truth about the direction of our country under his leadership. Then we can really start worrying.

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Eternal Life

It is a fact that we are all born into this life to eventually die, the date and time uncertain. That is the way it has always been and always will be. Christianity became popular because it promised that after death there was a chance to experience eternal life with the Heavenly Father. Cultures all throughout human history believed in an afterlife from the Egyptians to the Mayans of Mexico. I believe we all have a purpose for our being alive, and when we find that purpose all is well.

On the subject of being re-born my thoughts on that subject is that everyone that has ever lived in the past is alive right now in a different body. We all wonder what happens to the soul when it leaves the body. My opinion is that it takes ups residence in body of the fetus. Some us are familiar with the term Deja Vu where for a split-second you feel like you have been there before in the past, and there are the child prodigy’s we have seen in all generations throughout history. How can one explain some very young with the knowledge that only come with age and experience.? I would say their DNA that is passed from the past to the future.

Most religions teach those who believe to behave in a certain way during their lives and at the end there will be some kind of reward at the end. I believe we all are living eternal lives everyday because our bodies are just temporary to begin with. Think about it.

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The Other Foot

There are now two Americans who will have a nice day because of events no one could see coming. Donald Trump and Jussie Smollett were vindicated of different offenses Trump because of the Mueller report and Smollett because of the courts. The similarities continue because the prosecutors both say neither person was exonerated of the charges against them. The news media talking heads are at a loss for words to explain why things turned out the way they did. The Trump team are jumping at the opportunity to use this for his re-election campaign in 2020.

This is a example of bad behavior being rewarded for reasons that may never be revealed to the general public. Americans paid for the Mueller investigation and should be outraged that it has been sealed by the courts forever. Democracy has taken a big loss with this story of a Teflon president. who continues to not tell the truth to the public he was elected to represent.

Does the president believe he is above the law? It appears so. He is now free to try to toss out Obamacare, and continue with his plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The old saying ” What a difference a day makes” is very appropriate for both Donald and Jussie.

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Trump’s Tower Of Babble

This president’s struggle to maintain the current status of his administration which is under constant attack from the Democrats for more information about his contacts with leader of Russia after becoming president. Thirty-seven is the number of people who are now under investigation or on their way to prison for involvement with this man is testimony to the power of corruption in Washington politics and those who are elected to serve the American people. The desire for more power in the Oval Office is nothing new here. In the early 1900’s barely contained by the constitutional limits of his executive powers, Teddy Roosevelt boasted he “caused to be done many things not previously done by the President,” This president’s call for a national emergency to get around Congress to obtain funds for his border wall is just a modern version of that attitude.

It seems that history does at some point does repeat itself when it come to the mind of man. The stories about Ivanka using her status to promote her private business’s while doing government work, and her husband Jared using an Instagram app to conduct Government work is another point to worry about when we think about those in power in the White House. No collusion with the Russians is the mantra from the president from day one of the Mueller investigation, the talking points will continue from all concerned until the truth comes out or is buried by litigation in the courts.

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White Man’s Burden II

The events in New Zealand once again shows the desperation of the white man in the modern world where he is losing his sense of security because of a decline in a feeling of racial superiority that has existed for centuries. The British, French, and the Spanish explorers only wanted to exploit in any way possible those who they considered inferior races for anything that would add to the coffers of their individual empires. The shoe is now on the other foot so to speak. The times we are allocated to live in are precarious to say the least. There is no fear of a world war to worry about anymore it seems our problems in this internet age is our thoughts and how we project them to the world stage we are given as individuals. The freedom of knowledge which has been suppressed through most of the history of mankind is now available to the masses who now want their fair share of life’s pleasures.

The paradigm of exploitation of the inferiors has now come back to to the exploiters. Europe has had to deal with a surge of immigrants from former colonies seeking a better life. These are people of color who look different and act different in the way they live their lives. Most of the mass shootings that have occurred in recent times have been white men angry about their perceived feelings of a loss of white privilege that will continue as the world we live in becomes more diversified every day.

Every great civilization that existed in the past eventually collapsed at some point in time, this situation is no different except for the fact is our collapse would be the shortest in human history. To give up a feeling of entitlement is difficult to say the least but that is what is happening in our world. The scandal about the rich paying for their kids who are for the most part white to get into prominent universities without having to actually do anything for the privilege. With individual 1 as a mentor for the angry masses of white men the future of our world is uncertain to say the least.

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