Pareto Principle



My son and I attended a presentation from a company representing Amazon a business with a net worth of over a trillion dollars. That fact alone got me interested in getting more knowledge about The Amazon mission statement. I could see that they make a lot of money. But I was looking for more. I found it when the speaker spoke about the 80/20 rule or simply stated the Pareto Principle.

This is how it goes: Everything around us follows an interesting pattern. For example, if you have five pairs of shoes you only wear one pair most of the time. 20% of the people in the world control 80% of the wealth. Of ten things you do today will only two will generate most of your desired results. In school, 20% of the content of the class teachings are the core principles. Those principles will make up 80% of…

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Donald L. Duck

With the incoming Democratic party members who cannot wait to pounce on the president for his at this moment perceived misdeeds related to Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, and his bromance with Vladimir Putin once he took office. Today he spoke to the nation about a possible path to get his now fence that you can see through instead of his “big beautiful wall with a door” he would give the “Dreamers” an extension to their legal status but with no path to citizenship as part of the deal. N. Pelosi said that that was a non-starter before he even pitched the idea.

We are now in the fifth week of the government shutdown with no end in sight because of the border impasse in Washington D.C. people who work for the government who were lulled into believing that they had job and income security now find themselves needing assistance from programs that were were set up for low income, senior citizens and the homeless. A large part of those employees who need assistance are black people who have traditionally depended on the government for jobs that they were out of reach in the private sector for reasons I do not need to bring up at this time.

Will the president survive the new racial intolerance in America under his watch in 2020 when he runs for office again when our society is changing in its diversity of ethnic groups we are no longer about just black and white issues. Donald Trump is a potential lame-duck president two years before the end of his first term. Will he be able to lead the free world while worrying about being removed from office. Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter will decide for the rest of us. Stay tuned. Film at eleven.

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State Of The Union

The president spent around $5000 of his own money to buy fast food for a visiting football team that came to the White for a photo-op before the upcoming Superbowl game. Trump stated that the kitchen staff is on furlough because of the shutdown and are not being paid. He did not offer to pay for the meals of the 800.000 Federal and contract workers who are getting slammed by the loss of the ability to provided for themselves and their families. The Coast Guard is being hit the hardest for they are the only part of the military not being paid for for the first time in our history as a country because of a government shutdown.

Nancy Pelosi has decided that the State of The Union address to the nation that the President gives on the 29th of January be changed due to security concerns related to the number of important individuals attending. Once again the American people are witnessing the continuing meltdown of our government on the world stage. There is also a problem for the British government and their form of governance the “Brexit” and its plan for that country to leave the EU. Democracy is once again being forced re-examine itself at the place of its birth.

There was a suicide bombing in Syria where several U.S. servicemen were killed today. This is after the President said he wants all f our troops out of that country ASAP. The problem of the Trump family business ties to Russia will not go away anytime soon, so the American people are being let down by our elected leadership at a time when we need it the most. The state of our union is in a bad place, to say the least.

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Watch “Biggie Smalls feat. Jay Z & Angela Winbush – I Love The Dough” on YouTube

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A Broken World

Democracy American style. Love it or leave it is the message that endures.


As the world prepares for the holiday season and the new year that awaits us all it seems that society is unsure about what to do with the homeless, illegal immigration and the problems related to the stepped-up programs of deporting as many undocumented people as possible back to their home countries. There are now thousands of Haitian and African migrants now stuck at the border in Tijuana hoping to get a chance to live and work in the U.S.

America can no longer take in those who because of poverty, corruption, and  lack of education for those who risk their lives to come to the land of opportunity. Even the administration of Donald Trump who gave an executive order to deport anyone living in this country illegally for even the smallest infraction that brings them in contact with law enforcement and the court system.The problems of the world will always…

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A Total Waste Of Time

When the president stated not so long ago that he would “own the shutdown” if it happens. The partial shutdown of our government started eighteen days ago with no end in sight. There will be no payday on Friday for over 800.000 government workers and most importantly their families. All this over a wall along our southern border that will mostly slow down people from Central America. In the history of building walls to keep others out of countries the invaders went around or over. The wall of China is a good example. The president’s behavior is like a petulant child when he can’t get his way. Democracy is on trial here in front of the whole world, and the world is watching.

The current investigation into the Trump family’s relationship with the Russians during his presidential campaign. What is done in the dark will eventually come to the light as the old saying goes. The leader of the free world, the most powerful man in history would be difficult for anyone lucky enough to get there to voluntarily give up. Trump is no exception to that fact. He says he and Putin are friends and they understand each other. Putin is a master of game of world politics and was the former leader of the dreaded KGB secret police for years. What kind of information does the Russians have on our president to make him ignore that investigation is something I for one wonder about.

There is one thing that would put the president in a place where the American people will follow him no matter what. That is going to war with another nation. That could come under his power to call a “national emergency” for something like the border. Is this a test? The time he has as our elected leader should focus on serving the citizens of this country, not to be used at his personal discretion to help both friends and family in various business ventures. The drama continues.

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Those who were chosen by the people of the United States to govern and carry out the will of the people of our Democratic society are beginning to shows signs of stress and erratic behavior. This is of course about those who govern from Washington, D.C. There is talk such as ” we’re gonna impeach the motherf****r” by an incoming member of Congress. Mr. Trump said the partial shutdown could last for months or years no matter how much pain and suffering that the 800,000 government employees and contract workers are feeling a major financial pain from this inaction by our elected leaders. The President said those workers are ok with their lives being put into chaos to have a border “wall” being built.

There is a part of this story that is not being considered by the media or is being put on the back burner of public scrutiny for the time being. Most of the menial jobs such as building maintenance for all federal government properties and contract workers who will not get paid at all are for the most part people of color who are living from check to check. Most federal workers who fit that description are black. When those at the top start complaining about not being able to make their mortgage payments the government has to create a diversion somewhere else in the world.

The America that is on display today is part of the “new world order” that President Bush spoke of many years ago. Once again the whole world is watching and judging this thing we call a Democratic society. Our way of life is being threatened because of a true lack of leadership at the top. We can and will do better because that is owed to those future generations of Americans as a birthright.

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